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   Chapter 4 Not so easy

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Katherine looked in the mirror in her bedroom she had on a navy pencil skirt a navy blazer and a white button up shirt. her heels where white and handbag was white too. she may be broke but she tried to make it work.

This was it her first day working for mr james saunders. she was nervous the man who phoned yesterday said good luck. But if was only a personal assistant job how hard could it be?

She called a taxi and got in, told him the address and off she went. well she didn't get to far new York traffic was right at her doorstep. she shouldn't have taken so much time doing her makeup she would probably end up late, and mr saunders would be cross and fire her then she would be living on the streets busking but she had no talent so she probably wouldnt make any money and if she had no money she would starve. which yes would make her thin but there where more pleasant ways to die than that. she stopped herself katherine calm down its not a big deal deep breaths.

Katherine had a habit of overthinking and stressing out but she had bee trying hard to keep a calm head lately and apart from some really obnoxious people in the cafe she had done pretty well at composing herself.

By the time katherine had sorted out her breathing the taxi was pulling up infront of the building she could now call her workplace. she handed him the fare as he cave her a freaked out look. she may have forgotten that she wasnt alone when she had been breathing like a crazy person. but she got out and shut the door behind her. straightened up her suit and walked in to the building holding her head high.

The receptionist was busy on the phone when she approached but he put it down when he saw a blonde beauty coming towards him completely disregarding his girlfriend who had been on the other end of the call.

"hi" he smiled at her flashing his pearly whites and trying to sound as charming as he could "how can i help you?"

Katherine tucked a hair that had fallen in her face behind her ear "hi im James Saunders new personal assistant can you tell me where i need to go"

The receptionist rolled his eyes of course James Saunders would hire a beautiful blonde to make him his coffees and follow him around like a love struck puppy

"ah yes im asher nice to meet you" he stuck his hand out for katherine to shake "you nervous?"

"im katherine its nice to meet you" she shook his hand back and felt a jolt of electricity go through her "im nervous but excited"

"you should be nervous james saunders is an ass who likes to look at a fine ass" asher joked

"haha i hope he isn't, he would be fairly dissapointed then with mine cus its nothing to look at" asher and katherine laughed.

"ok so you need to head up the elevator the 34th floor and then tell jamie the girl at reception who you are" asher informed her

"thank you asher" katherine smiled and headed on her way.

The elevator made her nervous it felt like she had been in it for hours. when it finally stopped she jumped out. This floor was decorated richly with pine wood and all sorts of fancy trimmings. the reception desk sat infront of the lifts a lady wearing a headset sat working behind the big desk.

As she approached Katherine could hear snippets of the conversation the lady was having with someone through the headset whilst a

lso flicking through pages.

"I know god love her she's starting this morning and he's in a foul mood" the receptionist was chattering, she clearly hadn't heard Katherine approach and could only guess she was infact talking about Katherine herself.

"She won't last long anyway but ..." the receptionist started but before she could finish her sentence Katherine cleared her throat. The receptionist looked up and paled just a little seeing the woman she had been gossiping about standing before her. "Um so-sorry miss harper I'll have to check and call you later, she stuttered out before clicking the button presumably hanging up.

Katherine battered her lashes and flashed a smile at the lady. "Hi I'm Katherine I'm starting as mr Saunders personal assistant today" she spoke with a confidence that indicated she was unconcerned what this lady thought of her.

She didn't. She was here to do a job and whilst making a few friends would be preferred they were not necessary.

The receptionist flashed a quick smile back not looking her in the eye "ah yes of course I'll just phone me Saunders office now and let him know you have arrived"

She picked up a hand set phone and dialled a few numbers before speaking quickly to mr Saunders in a low voice.

Looking up at Katherine she smiled again and told her mr Saunders would be out in a minute.

Sure enough a few minutes later a tall, tanned and lean mr Saunders walked into the reception. Katherine couldn't help but quickly do a once over on his outfit. A crisp black suit, white shirt, black tie and a pair of black shoes. His dark hair was tousled and shiny. Katherine wondered how soft it would be to touch but pushed all those thoughts away when she realised he was speaking to her.

"Right, come this way" he said briskly walking away down a hallway.

Katherine quickly shook herself and followed him trying to keep up with his pace and struggling his fall frame meant he could make more distance in the same amount of steps she could and she was practically running to stay at a reasonable distance from him.

He started talking again

"Right so here in this office we have a few rules. I expect each and every employee to abide by these. No exception.

1. Be on time. Always

2. Don't bother me

3. Don't engage in any kind of relationship with co workers.

4. Always work to the highest standard

5. Don't take personal problems into work"

Katherine nodded making a mental not of all his rules and he looked at her funny.

"You should write these down" he snapped and she fumbled around her bag for her pen and paper blushing slightly under his gaze.

"Sorry" she mumbled and excuse finally finding them

"Miss gray I expect my employees to be on the ball able to read my mind and if they can't I have no need for them so I expect you to adjust quickly and be more alert" James said coldly before pointing

To a door to the right "your office is in there, There is a connecting door to my own office in it, Go in settle yourself in and log into the computer I will proceed with work instructions via email" he

Didn't look back at her he just kept walking.

Katherine stood in front of the mahogany door and took a breath before walking in.

Maybe this wasn't going to be as nice of a work environment as she thought.

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