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   Chapter 3 Coral Nail polish

The Billionaires Relentless Love By naomi burke Characters: 3593

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Katherine could feel a blush warming her cheeks as she nodded and scrambled to keep up with the handsome man who had nearly sent her flying, the view from the back was nearly as good as the front and she found her eyes roaming places they shouldn't have Been. She shook her head and told herself off, he could be your boss she thought to herself.

He stopped abruptly in front of two large mahogany doors and pushed them open, he let her walk in first and then followed her in.

When she entered the room the first thing that hit her was the smell, it smelled like a rich pine scent a really manly vibe. There was a large window which looked out over the city letting in light, the furniture was all a dark mahogany similar in colour to the door. Everything about this room screamed money.

The man stood at his desk and indicated for her to sit in the plush chair opposite it.

She fumbled her way over and sat down carefully smoothing out her shirt.

"Hi I'm James Saunders and I'm the ceo of the company, you applied so I'm sure you know all about us and what we do but basically we are an investment company, we have the money and we put money into businesses to make more. I'm interviewing you for the position of my private secretary" he looked at her raising an eyebrow

"Yes sir" she nodded

"Ok well let's have a look your resume says you have no job experience so why should I hire you for this job which a high skill set is needed for" he asked her.

Katherine hadn't expected him to be so quick asking the hard questions but she knew the question would come up. " so I don't have experience but I know I'm fit for this job. I studied law at university and I have an extensive list of references who will all tell you I am a dedicated, hard working woman. I want to eve

ntually represent companies like yours on a legal scale so it would be

Beneficial to understand the workings of companies like yours before hand"

He looked at her from across the desk his fingers rubbing his temples and eyes closed momentarily. Katherine took the moment to look at him some more. He had that slight stubble that was just sexy enough and a set of full lips that she could only guess would do amazing things.

He asked her a few more interview questions before thanking her for comming and she left.

Katherine didn't know how to feel about the interview. He seemed to be sharp and patronising but she needed this so crosses her fingers as she left the building.

The next day she woke up and prayed she would get the phone call, saying she could start tomorrow but she didnt. in fact it was nearly a week later when she had given up hope. she was sitting on her bed painting her toe nails this beautiful coral colour she had managed to find in the bargain bucket at the till in the chemist. her phone buzzed it was an unknown caller.

She picked it up and immediately someone started talking

"hello is this Katherine gray" the man asked " im calling from James Saunders office you where in last week for an interview"

"yes thats right" Katherine confirmed

"im calling to tell you that you have been selected for the job of James Saunders personal assistant"

"oh my god thats great thank you so much"

"yes, yes congratulations. you start at half 8 tomorrow morning" he said briskley

"this is amazing thank you, thank you" she exclaimed

"ok thats all i have to say to you" the man finished "oh and by the way good luck!" he hung up

Katherine looked at the phone and the bottle of nail polish lying on her bed spilt over her duvet. good luck?

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