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   Chapter 2 coffee

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There it was, Katherine squealed loudly finally something she could apply for, a job as an assistant working for a big investment firm. She had almost given up. Hell she had written her McDonald's application form and was about to hit send when she just out of the corner of her eye had seen the vender at the hot dog stall put another newspaper on the shelf. She bought it in one last effort to find something and sure enough she did.

The number she was to ring was for a Susana Reid a member of the Human Resources team. She picked up her phone, an old Nokia brick that was holding together just barley and keyed in the number.

"Hello this is Susan Reid's assistant from Human Resources of Saunders and sons how may I help you today" the bubbly voice that answered had Katherine fidgeting

"Hi my name is Katherine gray and I am calling about the job advertised, for a personal assistant" Katherine felt nervous and she was only talking to this girl in the phone.

"Ah yes of course can I take a few details of you?" The lady replied

Katherine rhymed of her address and the lady asked her experiences and her qualifications

"Brilliant I'll schedule you in for awaiting an interview time" the lady responded

"That's great thanks" Katherine hung up the phone feeling excited she could just feel things were about to change.


Katherine woke up a week later with a nervous flurry of butterflies in her stomach. she had her interview today and frankly she was terrified she was going to mess up her shot at a good job. the firm had emailed her the specifics and she was prepared. nothing could go wrong.

She slid out of bed and went to the kitchen to make herself a cup of coffee to help make herself a little more lively. she hopped into the shower and let the hot water cover her. when she got out she dried and straightened her long hair, put on a light layer of makeup and wore a black above the knee dress. she paired it with a cream cardigan and a pair of black heels. she looked at the clock and saw it was time to go. she locked the front door and left the apartment.

The roads where busy but she managed to get to the large office on time. she had taken a taxi and was glad as she wouldn't have known where she was meant to be going. she entered the big glass building the butterflies in her stomach intensified but she walked up to the man sitting at the reception desk

"hi im here for a job interview" katherine spoke nervously

The man didnt look up from his desk "take the lift to the top floor" he said as he continued typing. katherine nodded sightly before nodding and looking around for the elevator. she found it in the corner of the foyer. she got in and looked for the highest number, it was 34. she couldnt believe there where this many floors but she hit the number and let the elevator doors close.

When the lift finally reached the floor she needed to be at she was feeling slightly dizzy, she stepped out onto the floor, it was modern and very impersonal, the entrance had tiled flooring and was very spacious. there was a main desk which she approached carefully, not wanting the same attitude she received at the front desk.

"hello im katherine gray im here for an interview with james saunders" she spoke to the lady sititng at the desk, the woman looked up at her and smiled warmly.

"yes of course, take a seat here in those chairs and ill let him know that youre here" the woman pointed over to a set of seats in the corner. katherine thanked he

r went to take a seat. around five minutes later the reception phoned startilng katherine as it was the first time anything had sounded, she looked up and the receptionist smiled and put the phone down.

"miss grey mr saunders is ready for you, please go on down the hall on your left his door is at the end of it through the doors and to the right" she spoke to katherine "oh and good luck"

"thank you" katherine nodded and walked down the corridor she had been instructed down, it was long, a door oppened futher down it and a man came rushing down, he was handsome with sharp bone structure and dark tousled hair which looked so soft, his suit was dark and fit him perfectly. Katherine was so busy ogling him she didn't see the cup of coffee in his hand and walked straight into him and the coffee he was holding went everywhere, mostly over him but a little caught her cream cardigan. The man had dropped the cup, and Katherine bent down to pick it up

"Oh my god, oh my god I'm so sorry "she mumbled as she tried to straighten herself up and hand back the mug that was thankfully in one piece

James pov

James looked at the clock sitting on his wall across from him, he had been listening to this lady drone on about her love of investments for twenty minutes, truthfully she didn't know what she was talking about, the girl had blonde hair a big chest and was flaunting it for all she could in a skin tight dress and layers of makeup caking her face. He knew there would be a few in the handful he had to interview there always was. He was known as one of the most handsome bachelors about New York, but he hadn't actually had one applicant he really liked for the job yet. He had left 10 minute slots between each applicant for a coffee run because to listen to all the crap he had to he needed it, this girl had five seconds left of her allotted 30 minutes before he let her go and went on another coffee break. His phone rang cutting blondie off mid sentence and out of his trance of coffee daydreams

"Hello Saunders speaking" he picked up the phone quickly

"Hello mr Saunders miss gray is here for her interview" his receptionist Lilly spoke

James liked the thought of her being early this was a good sign this applicant might be serious

"Ok that's fine give me ten minutes" and he hung up the phone

Clasping his hands together he spoke to the blondie in front of him

" ok this is all the time I have for you today, if you want to take a left and head down the stairs to the foyer that way I'd much appreciate it thank you for applying we will be in touch" he knew it was rude but so was her outfit so he felt it acceptable

The woman looked confused but fumbled to get her things and leave

James looked at the clock and he had 7 minutes to make coffee and he rushed down the hall to the coffee machine.

After exactly 5 minutes he swung open the door and hurried down the hall towards reception to give lily a cup of coffee having left his in his office and collided into a petite woman, slender with long blonde hair. She looked nervous as she fumbled about to pick up the cup he had just dropped.

"Oh my god, oh my god I'm so sorry" the woman said her face looking at the ground.

He took the time to survey her features. She had a delicate face with beautiful full lips and her frame was small but the heels she was wearing made her seem taller than what she was.

" you must be Katherine gray I'm James Saunders come with me and we will begin your interview"

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