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   Chapter 1 the beginning

The Billionaires Relentless Love By naomi burke Characters: 5357

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Katherine looked at the newspapers lining the shelf in the local newsagent. She does it every morning buying a new one to scour through the employment section, hoping to find something that she could apply for.

Fresh out of college she wasn't exactly what most law firms wanted to hire especially considering the fact that she had no experience in the field. she picked up the latest print of the times and paid the man at the counter. Flicking straight to the employment page her eyes scanned the columns of job adverts.


She huffed loudly and shut the paper, walking out of the shop. This was her third week being unemployed. She hadn't expected a job to fall in her lap but she hadn't expected it to be this difficult either.

The streets of new york were busy, the current lunchtime rush made it hard for Katherine to weave herself in and out, in between pedestrians but she had somewhere to be. twenty minutes later she stood in a quaint coffee shop just outside of the main streets of new York, her hair frizzing from the humidity of a hot summers afternoon her clothes work uniform crumpled from being carelessly tossed into her bag as she left her apartment that morning and a big smile on her face.

Her part time gig in the coffee shop was loosing its appeal each long shift she worked but until a job in a law firm just landed in her lap this is what she was left with. To be fair the pay was good, well It needed to be considering a central new York flat cost more than her first year at uni. today she had already received a complaint of a customers coffee being too hot. some people amazed her, she had however politely apologised and made a new coffee with more milk in it. she had been whistled at by a group of teenage boys who lingered way longer than necessary to catch her attention and of course she was standing now facing a man in a suit, with a severe attitude problem which if he didn't watch himself was going to be a big issue.

"hi welcome to tiffany's café what can I get for you" she smiled although he wouldn't have been able to tell as he was so busy typing on his phone

" one expresso, a chia latte and three lattes" he spoke not even looking up at her

Katherine got to work on the order as quickly as she could, just as she was placing the coffees on the tray she heard the man say something

"sorry sir I didn't hear you"

The man looked up at her his dark eyes pierced her "I said I want the coffees to go" he spoke slowly as if she were stupid which only enraged Katherine more

"of course sir ill sort it out now" she smiled and turned back to the coffees she had prepared for him or gods sake he couldn't

have said that when he ordered them.

She scowled as she made the coffees over again. she just kept repeating to herself I need the money, I need the money. But was the money even worth it

Katherine looked at the clock and smiled it was twenty past six, she got out in ten minutes so she cleaned up the coffee machine, the tables and mopped the floor.

She locked up the cafe at exactly half six and at six thirty four her phone buzzed

"Hello" she answered it

"Hi ya bitch" her best friend lily squeals down the phone

"Hey ya what's up chick"

"Aw nothing just getting ready to come over to yours so we can go to vibe tonight"

"What are you talking about I'm not going out tonight lil"

"Of course you are now get home and start getting ready I'll be at yours for 10" she giggles and hangs up before giving Katherine the chance to respond.

She sighed and got into her beat up Ford, she needed to go home and get ready because there was no point arguing with lily when she set her mind on something...

James Saunders pov

James stood in the office his back facing the door he looked out across the busy city of New York, he had a lot to think about and he didn't have the time to think about it.

This office was now his, he had a personal issue to deal with later and for now he was going to try and sort his head out.

His father died three nights ago they ruled it that he had a coronary heart disease and eventually his love of high fat deserts and snacks caught up to him, his heart failed on Tuesday night. The funeral was to be held at half two in the cathedral James had grown up in, it was to be a private event but the media never was too familiar with that word. James expected a full show trying to get a snapshot of him carrying the casket into the chapel with his uncle and fathers closest friends.

But for James instead of being in mourn he was here in his new office. The office that once belonged to his father.

The business world doesn't stop for anyone as he learned too soon. His father had left him the company and without a leader it would sink, he had business meetings and investments along with haulage deals to confirm and he couldn't do that sitting at home on his ass crying. Besides his father didn't raise him to cry he was cold, and ruthless. So James would have to be too.

The first thing he did when he found out he had inherited the company was fire his fathers useless secretary a booby leggy blonde who had more implants than brains. So now the crunch was on in hindsight he should have waited a while before firing her but he didn't, now he needed a new secretary. He needed to advertise a job.

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