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   Chapter 56 All's well that ends well

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"Mom, come on, stop crying now. You will ruin my masterpiece!" Ivy exclaimed happily, watching Andrea getting emotional in her cream wedding dress.

Finally, one year passed by and as Yukio promised, he went to Philippines with Hiro and Sachie, and asked Melda formally to let him marry Andrea. Melda just nodded, she was so happy that finally, her daughter would get married, at 62 years old.

Although not as grand as Hiro and Ivy's wedding, it was still an extravagant wedding. As Andrea walked down the aisle, Yukio's tears kept on falling. Hiro had to lend him his handkerchief, he could not blame his father for being so overwhelmed by his emotions. He also remembered how he almost cried on his wedding day.

After almost 40 years, their love was finally tied in an eternal vow. The choir started singing.

I'll never know what brought me here, as if somebody led my hand, It seems I hardly had to steer, My course was planned. And destiny it guides us all, and by its hand we rise and fall, But only for a moment's time enough to catch our breath again.

And we're just another piece of the puzzle, just another part of the plan, How one life touches the other, is so hard to understand. Still we walk this road together, we travel through as far as we can, And we have waited for this moment in time, Ever since the world began.

Andrea cannot contain herself anymore, she let her emotions swept over her as she saw how Yukio was weeping. She never knew how long the aisle could be if you are the bride. She feels that because of those long years that she had wished just to be with Yukio, she wanted to just run straight into his arms. She was not aware about her surrounding, as her eyes were only focused on the only man she ever loved.

Taking in the times gone by, We wonder how it all began, We'll never know and still we try to understand.

And even though the seasons change, The reasons shall remain the same, It's love that keeps us holding on till we can see the sun again.

The pastor can't help but wipe his eyes as well. In his 30 years administering a marriage, this is the most heart touching ceremony he has ever witnessed. He wondered how many difficulties and challenges these two old people have overcome just to be together here today, about to exchange their vow, after all.

Indeed, true love is never late.

Ivy was also crying. She served as the maid of honor for Andrea, and she was dressed in a lacy pink gown that hugs perfectly to her body. At 29 years old, she looks as young as a 20 year old lady. Hiro could not keep his eyes away from his wife. His heated gaze finally met Ivy, and she blushed at how bold he could look at her like that.

The ceremony started, and after an hour, Yukio finall

y, even if you give birth to a dozen children more, I can support you all sufficiently."

Ivy's eyes widened. A dozen?

"Do you want to be a coach of a basketball team?" she giggled.

"Well, not a bad idea. Yamamoto team." He mused and lifted Ivy so she was the one on top of him.

"Come on, baby, we are going on a joy ride. Start driving so we can create our basketball team."

Their eyes met, both emitting an unquenchable desire for each other, added another round to their honeymoon.


Ten years after, the private plane landed in Hiro's office, and the Yamamoto boys came out, Aki and Shin, were now both in the Junior High School. Hiro and Ivy were waiting for them, along with Ria, their fourth child, already 8 years old. All of a sudden, Aiko run towards the brothers, and excitedly hugged Aki.

"Brother! I miss you." She pouted at Aki, who gave her a big smile and a gentle pat on the head.

As Shin was about to pat her head too, she stepped away from him. Shin was surprised, but kept a calm face. Aiko looked at him, and made a face, she ran away from Shin, her cheeks reddened.


Thank you so much for reading FATEFUL ENCOUNTER and FATEFUL DESTINY. You might recognize it but let me tell you that almost all the places in these two stories are real, some scenes are based on known facts as well.

If you like the character of Senator Eto Iguchi, please follow his love story with Yuki Nakamura on my next novel, which will be out once I'm more than halfway in writing it. The title is BREAKING THE ICE.

I might be a hopeless romantic but I do believe that every person is born with a partner in life, our destined partner might not arrive on the time that we expect, because His timing is always the perfect timing. I hope that we will all have a fateful destiny. – Elria Cortez

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