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   Chapter 55 Perfect timing

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A few weeks after Mita's death, Lira came back to Hiro and Ivy's house. She has all her belongings with her. She kneeled in front of them, begged their forgiveness for her and her brother who died and was already cremated as well. Hiro decided not to pursue any case towards her as the accomplice of the kidnapper. She said that she will just go back to her hometown. She cast a one last sad look at Hiro and his family, before she rode the car and drove to Yukio's house. Similarly, she kneeled and beg for his forgiveness, and Yukio just nodded at her. Lira went away after that.

Andrea went back to Philippines after staying in Hiro and Ivy's house for another week. She wanted to have some time with her first grandchild, Aki and Aiko as well. Shin was also there, and because the boy has a good aura and character, Andrea also liked him. She was silently hoping that Yukio will visit her at least once but until she packed her luggage, he never came. The tiniest bit of hope in her old heart faded.

However, on the day that they sent Andrea via a public airplane, they were surprised to see Yukio. Although Ivy sent him a message last night informing him about Andrea's flight, they did not expect him to come as he replied 'Ok'.

As Yukio walked towards Andrea, Andrea felt the beating of her heart became faster and stronger.

'please don't let me have a heart attack' she was praying silently.

Although Yukio is now 72 years old and will turn 73 this year, his built was fit, like most Japanese are. As someone who is rich enough, his features look younger than his age. When he stopped a few steps in front of them, he smiled shyly at Andrea.

Ivy and Hiro looked meaningfully and smiled at each other when Yukio held Andrea's hands in his own. The two boys were eyeing their grandfather as well.

"Andrea, it has been a long time. I thought that fate has decided to keep us apart. But now, I believe that we are destined to be together, after all." His voice cracked a little, "Please wait for 1 year, after that I will go and ask your mother for your hand in marriage, just as I should have done 39 years ago."

Andrea did not realize that she was weeping, as she listened to Yukio, and she realized that she was nodding happily at him.

Ivy was also crying, while Hiro was hugging her along with Aiko. She never thought even once that there might still be a chance for her mother and father to be together. Her heart was swelling with happiness for her parents. She thought that fate was just cruel to her and her mother since she was a child.

Now, she believes that everything happens in God's perfect time. For if Yukio did not meet Mita, Ivy was not sure if she will be able to meet Hiro. Her

use his influence if needed, so that Shin's real parents will decide not to take them back. His mind as a shrewd businessman began working again.


A week after, Shin, Hiro and Ivy, along with Yano went to meet Shin's true parents in a restaurant. They arrived earlier. Exactly on time, they saw a family of three walking inside the restaurant, eyeing how expensive it looks like. A waiter came over to them and guided to the table where Hiro and the others were sitting.

At one glance, Shin recognized his twin brother. It's like he was looking at a mirror! They smiled timidly after eyeing each other with surprise.

Shin's mother became emotional in an instant. She cried upon seeing Shin, and hugged him tightly. Shin did not move and waited for the woman to stop crying. After a while, the couple sat opposite to Hiro and Ivy. Hiro motioned for the waiter to take their orders.

Shin's father recognized Hiro Yamamoto in an instant. He felt uncomfortable in front of this young businessman. As they were about to finish eating, Hiro spoke about Shin, and what Shin wants. As he was talking, Shin's mother made a disappointed face at Shin, she cried bitterly when Shin told them in his own little voice that he wanted to stay in the Yamamoto family. Shin's father was silent, while Shin's brother kept on eating heartily, oblivious to what the adults were talking about.

Afterwards, they decided to give in to Shin's decision. The couple were just contented that Shin was taken in by a wealthy family, they did not have to take him back for additional burden. When Hiro, Ivy and Shin left the restaurant, Yano remained in the hotel with Shin's parents.

Shin felt really happy. He loves Ivy and Hiro the most, and Aki and Aiko just became his new additional most favorite people in the world.

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