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   Chapter 54 Mita’s last words

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Five days later, the Yamamoto and Iguchi family stood on the room, waiting for the cremation of Mita's body to finish. They were all wearing black, and everyone has a somber expression on their faces. Ivy held Aiko in her arms, and as if knowing that she has to behave, the usually naughty baby girl was just silently sucking her thumb.

Hiro is holding Aki in his right hand, while Shin is holding his left hand. The five of them were sitting on the sofa, opposite to where Eto and Yuki were sitting. Eto placed his left arm on Yuki's shoulder, and it made her so stiff that she looked like a statue.

Yousuke, Kaname, and Yano were on the room as well.

Yukio and Sachie were together on one sofa. Yukio's face was gloomy, he suddenly looked older than his real age. Sachie, now 21 years old, was slouched next to her father. Tears kept on streaming down her cheeks. Kaname kept on staring at her, wondering when did she suddenly became so beautiful in his eyes.

Andrea was there as well, she was sitting on another corner.

They were all waiting silently, and patiently for the arrival of Mita's ashes.


The two gunshots that were fired on that room five days ago penetrated Mita's heart and lungs. She was not even able to say her last words, as she died on the spot the same time she fell on Hiro's body. Eto's men acted and separated Yoshida from Lira, who cannot move in shock about what has just happened.

Yoshida did not mean to kill Mita, ever. He looked at the gun in disbelief as soon as he saw Mita's body collapsed. He laughed shortly, called Mita's name over and over, saying 'sorry' and 'I did not mean to kill you', until his laughter echoed through the room, followed by another gunshot.

Lira screamed and screamed, as she saw her brother put the gun in his mouth and fired it.

Eto called the medics, and they took Mita with them, along with Yuki and Aki. Hiro and Eto went inside the ambulance as well. Kaname, Yousuke and Yano followed them by car.

After about an hour of trying to revive Mita in the hospital, she was declared dead. Hiro let an agonizing cry. It was 1:30AM. Aki hugged his father, silently crying at the death of the grandmother whom he never had a chance to embrace.

At 3:00AM, Hiro called Yukio. He arrived 25 minutes later, in his sleepwear. He walked to where Mita's body was lying, and upon looking at her face, he wept silently while holding her already cold hand. Hiro had to take him away after a while worrying about his heart condition.

At 5:00AM, Ivy called Hiro. He looked at the caller ID for a long time, before he decided to answer the phone.

"Ivy, " his weary voice made Ivy sit down on the bed.

She suddenly felt her knees weak as she realized that Hiro is safe, the tension and anxiety of waiting was not able to let her sleep really well. She just had to co

se. Andrea sipped her tea.

"Father, why don't you live with us for the meantime?" Ivy asked. They still have a vacant room for him so it was not actually a problem. Andrea felt her throat dry and drank more tea. She is currently staying in one of the rooms at Ivy and Hiro's house.

Yukio cast a glance at Andrea. Then he smiled sadly. "I'm alright here Ivy. This is where I have been living more than half of my life. You know that old people don't do well with sudden change in environment."

Ivy understood. His father has loved Mita, and he might want to have time alone reminiscing their memories together.

Andrea felt that her heart was pricked by small needles. Painful.

The staff walked towards them, he was holding an envelope.

"This is a letter from the Lady, she told me to read it in front of you if ever she cannot come back."

The five of them became silent, as they waited patiently for the staff to open it. He began to read Mita's last words.

"Yukio, I was lucky to be your wife. You are the best husband any woman could ever have, I am so sorry for everything I did and did not do for you. I hope you can find your happiness once more when I'm gone." Yukio's teary eyes wondered towards Andrea.

"Sachie, I love you, my dear daughter. Please grow up to be a fine lady and marry a good man like your father. Treasure your family." Sachie was nodding, her face cast down and her tears were falling on her hands.

"Hiro, I am so sorry, my son. I became stupid as a mother. Please forgive me, I love you so much." Hiro's throat felt dry, his hand holding Ivy's hands tightened.

"To Ivy, we might not have much time to become closer, but please know that I never meant you any harm. Please forgive me for all my mistakes, and please love my son and your children well. Please tell my grandchildren that their grandmother loves them all."

Ivy was also crying.

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