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   Chapter 53 Whose life is more important

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Aki could not believe his ears. This man said that he is the grandson of Shin's grandmother! Does it mean that Ivy and Hiro are his real parents? Shin and Aiko are his siblings?

He forgot how hungry he was. He felt excited to finally know that he has a family, and that they are just near him. His small round eyes widened in surprise, but he chose not to say anything. He could tell that the man beside him is so dangerous.

Yoshida felt extremely happy, as Mita cried silently.

Now, it looks like she is really happy. Ah! How good it must feel to crush her happiness now!


Yuki was surprised as well. She just heard that Hiro and Ivy are Aki's real parents! How did it happen? How come that his parents never knew that their child is just near them, all this time? She has been trying to untie herself, as the kidnapper seemed to forget about her. She will take this chance to run away with Aki as soon as there is chance.


Eto, Hiro, and the others have entered the building as well. It was 12:20 AM. Hiro motioned for them to stop as he caught sight of Lira. Hiro clenched his fists, up to now he cannot think why Lira would betray him like this. She has been like a second mother to him.

With Eto's motion, his men silently surrounded the room where Lira entered.


The opening of the door distracted Yoshida. His gaze flickered from Mita to Lira, who entered the room.

"Lira! Why are you here?" Yoshida asked, gnashing his teeth.

The reason why he did not tell her his whole plan is because Lira was against him taking revenge on Hiro Yamamoto and his child. He did not notice when Mita used her feet so that her bag was just very near her, as she tried to open the bag with her foot.

Lira has a frightened look in her eyes. She gasped when she saw the lump and dried blood on Mita's forehead. The dim light on the room provided by the light in the opened toilet let her see that Yoshida was pointing a gun at Aki's neck.

"Brother! Please let that child go! He is Hiro's child!"


Hiro and the others heard Lira's begging voice. It made Hiro confused all the more. They exchanged glances.

What is the meaning of Lira's words? She called the kidnapper brother.

In their mind, it seems that Lira was not the one who kidnapped Aki. They inched toward the slightly opened door.


Mita was stupefied when Lira called Yoshida brother. They are siblings? How did it happen? She knew that Yoshida has a sister but she should be in the southern province. Anyway, it was not important at this point. She cast a quick glance at the bag on her feet. Her bag is opened and the gun can be used as soon as she dock

o protected Yuki. Mita slowly walked towards Hiro.

As soon as Eto freed Aki, Hiro turned to Yoshida, took him by the collar and started punching him non-stop. He was shouting in rage like a madman that for a moment, everyone in the room was frozen, watching him bared his fury. They all felt his released wrath.

"Stop! Hiro stop please!"

It was Lira who finally stopped him. She put herself in between Hiro and the unmoving and bloodied Yoshida. Hiro's chest was breathing rapidly, his eyes were widened in released fury and his fists were bloodied with Yoshida's.

Then, Hiro calmed himself and returned to Aki, who was shivering in fear. His forehead and the tip of his nose was grazed by the cemented floor. He was clutching Eto's arms in fright. Hiro wanted to embrace him, he kneeled in front of Aki.

"Aki, I'm…"


Aki suddenly leaped towards Hiro, throwing his small arms on his neck. Hiro was astounded, until he met the smiling eyes of Eto, then his own arms closed on Aki's body. He hugged him so tight, unmindful of the tears flowing on his cheeks.


Mita became teary at the sight. She knew how much Hiro and Ivy suffered when they found out that their first born was not Shin, and that he died in a car accident. Finally, Yukio and her first grandson will be able to reunite with all of them. She was so happy.

Eto went to where Kaname and Yousuke were keeping Yuki. Her arms were already bandaged. Eto looked at her admirably, but Yuki met his gaze coldly for a while, then turned her face somewhere. There was no trace of pain on her face at all.

Just then, Mita saw that Yoshida's hand moved. She had no time to think. She ran towards Hiro and shielded him with her body.

Bang! Bang!

Two gunshots echoed in the room.

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