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   Chapter 52 This is your grandson

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Hiro and Eto was talking, when Kaname and Yousuke joined them.

"So what do we do?" Kaname asked.

The three of them were surprised when Eto told them that his men saw Mita on the same room with Aki and Yuki.

"Why is Mother in that room?" Hiro was meaning to ask himself, but he said it aloud.

Eto answered, "I believe that we will find that out once we entered the room. But we have to be very careful. Both Aki and Yuki are tied and blindfolded. They cannot see us nor won't be able to run away from the kidnapper."

Hiro cursed. In that moment, he felt so helpless.

"Why would Lira do all these?"

"Lira?" Eto raised one eyebrow.

If he is not mistaken, Lira is the name of Hiro and Ivy's staff. How is she related to all of these?

"Care to tell me what is going on, Mr. Yamamoto? What do you mean that your staff is involved in all of these?"

Hiro let our an exasperated sigh. He then told Eto about what Yano found out about Lira's doing.

It made Eto confused. His men told him that the kidnapper is an elderly man with a patch on one eye. Could it be that there is more to this situation than he could guess? How many accomplices would there be? And what are the motives?

Eto could only think of only two reasons, as money is already out of the picture. Vengeance or jealousy. To whom it is directed is still unknown to him. It could be to the Yamamoto family or his family. Both he and Hiro Yamamoto are in the same boat, they have many enemies.


Lira was scared. She loves Hiro as much as she would with her own child, and Ivy has been nothing but good to her since she came to the Yamamoto family. She would not want any harm to befall them. Upon looking at the burning hatred in her brother's eye, she knew that he would do just as he said.

She decided to be his accomplice, in return to the promise that Ivy and Hiro will not be harmed.

She did not know how his brother got hold of Ivy's pictures during her role as a mistress in a university theater play, but she followed his orders. However, it was a waste. It seemed that Hiro did not think too much about the pictures. Lira was silently happy.

When Hiro came one day so angry, she could not help but wonder if her brother has something to do with the paternity test. She called him but he denied it. Lira was saddened when Hiro began to treat Ivy too harsh, almost to the point that she was treated like a sex slave. Lira was torn between the two person whom she loves as her own family.

Then Yoshida contacted her again. He wanted Ivy to go out, he said it will be better if they separate because

l that he is really ready whatever happened to him. She felt scared.

"Then tell me what you want from me. Where is my grandson?"

In Mita's mind, she has to at least see her grandson, and confirm that Yoshida indeed has him. She eyed her shoulder bag in her feet. She has a small gun there. If the need arises, she will use it to defend herself and her grandson.

"This is your grandson."

Mita was speechless for a moment. Then, she laughed cynically at him.

"Don't fool me Yoshida. Do you think that I do not know that child?"

She looked at the boy, he looked pale. She couldn't blame his for being afraid, as Yoshida's gun is still pointed at his little neck.

"This is your grandson Mita, " Yoshida repeated. "I planned to kill him in the hospital when he was born, but the Senator's sister who was a nurse at that hospital saved him, so he ended up being adopted in the Iguchi family."

Mita could not believe her ears. But how would he know that Hiro and Ivy's first born was taken away in the hospital by a nurse? Unless he was there.

Mita finally realized that he must have been the person with the knife, according to Hiro.

Yoshida was watching Mita's face. He likes the different perplexed emotions displayed on her face. He then pulled Aki's shirt up.

"This mark here, isn't it the same with your granddaughter?" Yoshida asked. He learned from Lira that the new born baby girl has a mark, as well as Hiro's wife. "Your daughter-in-law also has it."

Mita felt cold, goosebumps appeared on her arms. She clutched the scarf in her neck, as she realized that Yoshida is telling the truth. She indeed saw the saw birthmark with Ivy and Aiko.

Aki is her grandson! Mita felt tears falling on her cheeks.

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