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   Chapter 51 The manipulator

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Yoshida Tanaka looked with disgust at the woman he had loved since he was a child.


What he feels for her now is just the exact opposite. Because of her, he lost everything.

His family has served as the butler of the Yamamoto family since his grandfather's era. They were loyal to them, to the point that they will kill if they are asked to do so.

Yoshida Tanaka grew up almost together with Mita. He is just older than her by 2 years. Mita was a spoiled child but kind. He loved her for her lively personality. He loved her even when she got pregnant by another man. He continued to love her even when she was married to Yukio Yamashita. Just seeing her made him happy.

When she asked him to pretend that he would be raping her to catch Yukio's attention, he gladly accepted the role, thinking that Mita will always stand by him. Then, Yukio banished them. He took Mita under his wings, he worked hard day and night to provide for her, and her baby. She was pregnant with Sachie that time. Yukio's daughter.

Nevertheless, he took care of them. He never allowed her to do anything, from washing the dishes, cooking, laundry and cleaning the house. He did everything for her. For almost five years. It was a happy life for him, as he treated Sachie as his own daughter. During those times, he never once touched Mita. He respected her, and patiently waited for her to love him back.

Until he woke up one day and found her note. She went back to Yukio, along with Sachie. And he was left all alone.

He tried to get her back so many times, until Mita paid some people to take care of him. They took out one of his eyes, and threatened him that if he ever go near the Yamamoto family again, they will kill him, along with his only sister in the province.

He thought that Lira was still in the province, but when he saw her at the Yamamoto house, he understood. If he dared to show himself to Mita again, Lira might be harmed. That's when his love for Mita turned to pure hate.

He started to plan out his vengeance. He decided that the best way to get even with her is to hurt her children. But then, Hiro Yamamoto went abroad to study. Since Sachie was born and grew up with him, he was fond of her, and could not hurt her. So he bid his time, as patiently as he could.

He decided that he will not hurt Mita physically, but he will hurt her through the people that she held dearly. However, Yukio was out of the question. In his eyes, Mita has no love for Yukio, she was just with him to fulfill her father's wish.

Then, Hiro Yamamoto returned. But he could not even get near him. His assistant is almost always with him all the time. Besides, Lira

her should be somewhere in this building. Her heart beats faster as she began to imagine about what could be happening inside.

She applied to the Yamamoto household in good faith. She learned that her father and older brother has been a butler there. Although she is a daughter from another woman, her father and brother did not treat her bad. When her mother died, she decided to look for her brother, as their father was already dead. He is the only family for her.

She then learned that Yoshida was banished from the house by Yukio because of alleged relationship with Mita. She could not believe it at first. She did not know how to contact Yoshida anymore, and out of pity, Yukio hired her.

During those times, Hiro was a troubled teenager who was always angry and irritable. Lira pitied him for what had happened to his mother and father. As she served the father and son, she gradually started to like Hiro as her own son. She never had her own family so she treated him as her own. She was sad when he decided to study abroad.

Then Mita came back with Sachie. Yukio accepted her and they lived together again. After a few days, Lira met Yoshida again. It seemed that he and Mita were living along with Sachie. When Mita saw Yoshida, she pushed him away from the house and ordered Lira not to accept him anymore. Mita did not know that she and Yoshida were siblings.

Lira believed that Yoshida still loved Mita, that is why he could not leave her alone. She did not know that his love for her was long gone, and was replaced by a murderous hatred. She had no idea that Yoshida was planning to kill Hiro and Ivy's first born.

Until he asked her to do something for him.

"You will help me to separate Hiro Yamamoto with his wife. If not, I will harm them both."

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