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   Chapter 50 Aki is our son

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As Hiro looked with wide eyes on the phone, Kaname was turning really impatient. He grabbed the phone from Hiro.

"Senator Iguchi, this is Kaname Hill. If you cannot allow the police force to move, please allow us to use other resources."

Eto Iguchi nodded on the other line. "Yes, you may use anything as long as no police mobile or anything conspicuous that might alert the kidnapper. I don't want to risk the lives of Yuki and Aki."

"Thank you, " Kaname retuned the phone to Hiro, and he and Yousuke dashed out of the room, living the stunned Hiro and Yano.

Hiro grabbed the phone tighter.

"Mr. Iguchi, what you just said…, "

"It's my opinion that Aki is your son." Eto said, and it was his turn to put the phone far from his ears at Hiro's loud voice.

"Damn you! You… you…, " Hiro could not find the words that he wanted to say. He was filled with utmost joy and fear. Yano shivered at how Hiro was swearing at the senator.

"I will find Aki, Eto Iguchi. I will listen to all your explanations after this. You better prepare yourself for what I will do."

With that, Hiro hang up the phone. If he was just using a landline phone, he would have banged the phone so hard to spite Eto. He was breathing hard, with the thought about his mother's disappearance, and the truth about Aki.

Aki is our son!

Hiro did not realize that he was weeping, until he tasted his own tears. He wiped the tears away with the back of his palm. Yano was listening intently, and this news made him happy. So, Aki is the long lost first born.

Aki is our son! These words echoed through Hiro's mind as he stared blankly.

He remembered how fond he has been with him since the first time he met the boy. That was blood talking, the feeling that he never once felt with Shin. How he would feel envious every time he saw Eto holding Aki in his arms, and the boy will call him Father.

Three years! Hiro wanted to shout in joy. His son is alive!

Without wasting another precious minute, he and Yano dashed out of the room. Along the way, Yano briefed him about the things that he found out. Hiro suppressed his excitement about Aki and focused on what Yano was saying.

Yano and some of the people helping him to investigate found out that the person who sent the pictures to Hiro was a man working at their own computer shop in Tokyo. Yano found them when they consulted with some experts on photo printing. It seemed that the photo paper that were used to print the pictures were only sold around Tokyo area. As t


Kaname found it intriguing that Hiro would know about it. It took him lots of threatening to the police just to let them watch some of the street cameras. Is Hiro a superhero? He chuckled at his own private joke, which earned him a disgusting look from Yousuke.

Hiro frowned. Eto told him that the location was Yuki and Aki's location. Why is Mita also there? Is the kidnapper the same person?

At the same time, an elderly woman was spotted by the special team hired by Eto Iguchi walking towards the location. She was looking uptight while walking, as she kept on looking behind her back. She has a mask on.

It was the same time that Yano's phone ring. As he was driving, Hiro answered his phone. Yano started aghast to his boss, what if it's his wife? How could Hiro be so insensitive?

"Yes? This is Hiro Yamamoto. Yano is driving."

"Mr. Yamamoto, good evening. I am the special agent hired by Mr. Nishida. We found the elderly lady that Mr. Nishida asked us to monitor. She is now walking by herself going to an old abandoned building that is scheduled for renovation."

Hiro closed his eyes, he still could not believe that Lira might be responsible for everything that is happening in his family. How could a frail and kind woman like her be able to devise something like this? She has been nothing but good to him since high school. And all the camera installed in their house never showed anything unusual with her.

Was she that really good in acting? If so, what is her motive?

It was 11:30PM as Hiro, Yano, as well as Eto arrived on the location.


The kidnapper looked at Mita intently, watching every slight movement she might make.

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