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   Chapter 49 Mita is missing

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Hiro could tell that Ivy's concern on Aki has not ceased at all. He decided not to tell her yet about their discovery on Eto's sister. To alleviate her concern, Hiro did his best to seduce her into giving in to his sexual advances.

At 9:30PM, Hiro just came out from the shower when his phone rang. His brows knitted. Who could have called him at this hour? He glanced at Ivy, who motioned him not to be noisy as Aiko is already sleeping. He took his phone and went outside the room.

As he looked at the caller ID, his frown deepened as he saw that it was his father calling. Yukio never called him at all except on very rare instances. He remembered that the last time he called him was when he and Ivy was still on misunderstanding.

"Father, good evening, " He said as soon as he answered it.

"Hiro, is your mother in your house?" Yukio's voice sounded uneasy.

"No Father, why?" Did they have a fight, he wondered.

Hiro heard Yukio's sharp intake of breath, and he himself began to worry.

"Father, what's wrong?"

"She left home around 5PM today, saying she will meet with a friend from college. But it's already late and she has not returned yet. When I called her phone, it was left at our room. Maybe she forgot to bring it. So I don't know how to reach her. I thought she might have stopped by in your house to visit Ai-chan."

"Did she say whose friend she is meeting? Or where will they meet?"

"No, she just said she will meet with a college friend. It was my fault for not asking where they are supposed to meet. When I realized that she has already left the house."

Hiro felt that something is wrong with his mother. She was never the kind of person who will leave and not tell them anything about it. She would not cause trouble for anyone, especially Yukio and him.

"Let me handle this father. Please stay there at the house, I will find her."

"Please do so, Hiro." Yukio's voice trembled, and Hiro could tell how much his father is worrying about his mother. "And call me as soon as you find her."

When the call ended, Hiro massaged his forehead. Today has been quite a day for him.


He turned and saw Ivy walking towards him, a worried expression on her face. He pulled her in his chest. Her sweet scent calmed his senses.

"What's wrong?" she looked up at him, Hiro has his eyes closed. When he opened it, a serious look was there.

"Mother went out in the afternoon and has not returned yet, so Father is worried. I will have to do something to find her. Please stay here at home."

Ivy's concern grew. Aki and Yuki are both missing, and now Mita? Is there any connection with this?

She asked Hiro about what she was thinking.

"Hiro, could it be possible that the person who took Yuki and Aki is related to mother's disappearance?"

Hiro paused for a while, then shook his head.

"I don't think so. We might be acquainted but we are not related to the Iguchi. I bet that for Yuki and Aki, it has some political issues in there. Besides, if somebody has kidnapped mother, the kidnapper would have called for ransom. Maybe she has just forgotten the time as she met with old friends."

Hiro wanted to believe his own words, but something in him was telling him that it's not the case. His concern for his mother grew.

He let go of Ivy and dressed casually. It is almost the end of spring, and the weather was just fine. As he was about to open the door, he paused and look at Ivy.

"Please stay here, Ivy. Don't leave the house no matter who call you or for whatever reason, ok? Keep Aiko with you. I will call you as soon as I find what this is all about."

As Ivy nodded, hugging herself, Hiro rushed forward to her and embraced her tightly. He kissed her deep and passionately, and they were both catching their breath after it.

"I love you, " he said.

"I love you, too, " she replied. Tears welled up in her eyes for reason she couldn't understand. She just felt so feeble that time.

Hiro then quickly went out of the house. He met the butler just before he opened his car.

"Guard them with your life." Hiro said, and the butler seriously nodded. "I will, boss."

Along the way, Hiro called Yano, Kaname, and Yousuke. He told them what is happening and asked them to help him find Mita. The decided to meet first at the office to come up with a plan.

Hiro reached his office in less than 10 minutes, Kaname and Yousuke arrived just a minute after him. They began to call some

people that they know could help them find a missing person.

Another 5 minutes passed, Yano arrived. He has a confused look on his face.

"Boss, you won't believe this." He blurted out as soon as he opened the door.

"What is it?" Hiro stood from his desk, his heart suddenly beating faster.

Yano was breathing heavily, and an angry expression flashed on his eyes. It is too seldom for Yano to bare his emotions, only these three men knows him well.

"I cannot get the police to cooperate. They said they have a strict order not to abandon their current posts until tomorrow at 6:00 PM."

"What? Are you serious? Whose order are they following?" Hiro's countenance was menacingly dark.

Yano cleared his throat.

"Senator Iguchi."

Hiro was dumbfounded.

What the hell is happening? Yuki and Aki are missing but Eto Iguchi ordered the police not to abandon their current posts? Something is not right.

He dialed Eto Iguchi's phone number.


It was dark, and Aki's eyes were already hurting because of the blindfold. His hands are tied on his back as well as his feet are tied together. He has no idea where are they or what is going on. He just know that they are in a bad situation. His mouth is also held by masking tape. He cannot do anything. He is already hungry.

Yuki is on the bed. Same with Aki, her hands and feet are also tied, blindfolded and her mouth was taped. What's worse, she has lost consciousness because of the chloroform that the kidnapper used to take them.

In one corner, Mita was lying unconscious, there's blood on her forehead. However, she was not tied, nor blindfolded. The kidnapper was on alert, his whole attention was focused on any movement that Mita might make upon waking up.


Eto was still at the place with the investigators when his phone rang again. He looked at the time. It is now 9:45PM. It has been 3 hours and 45 minutes since he received the call about Yuki and Aki. Since then, the kidnapper has not contacted him. He has been on edge.

He almost jumped on his feet when his phone rang again. His eyebrows knitted when he saw that the caller is Hiro Yamamoto again. He sighed.

"Yes, Mr. Yamamoto."

"Mr. Iguchi, why did you order the police not to abandon their current posts until tomorrow?"

Eto shut his eyes. He was following the kidnapper's order alright. But he also dispatched a special team to find and rescue Aki and Yuki. Why do Hiro Yamamoto have to pester him now?

"Mr. Yamamoto, I don't have to explain myself to you."

"My mother is missing. I have to find her, but the police won't even cooperate with us."

Eto Iguchi was astounded. Is this a coincidence?

"What do you mean missing? Did somebody kidnapped her?"

"She went out and haven't come back yet. We have not received any call from a kidnapper."

Eto suddenly have a bad feeling that there is more to this that it sounds. The person who kidnapped Yuki and Aki have not asked for ransom either, yet.

What is happening?

At Eto's silence, Hiro could tell that there is something going on that having Yuki and Aki missing.

"Mr. Iguchi, have you found Yuki and Aki already?"

Hiro's change of question surprised him.

"No, not yet."

"What are you doing? Why don't you use the police and your influence to find them?"

"My movement is sealed Mr. Yamamoto. The kidnapper did not ask for money. They asked me to order the police not to make any move in 24 hours, then they will return Yuki to me."

"Only Yuki?" Hiro could not believe his ears. This is more than just a normal kidnap for ransom thing!

"I already dispatched a special team to find them and rescue Aki, of course." Eto was becoming impatient, feeling that Hiro Yamamoto thinks that he was not doing his best to find them.

Eto then decided to tell Hiro the truth. For it would be better if there are two heads looking for Aki, not just him. Besides, even though Hiro could not mobilize the police, he knows that his influence is far wider than what his can reach. A politician and a businessman have their ways.

"Mr. Yamamoto, there is something you must know. You have to help me find Aki first."

Hiro frowned, thinking how could Eto Iguchi ask him about finding Aki when he still has to find his own mother?

"I will find my mother first Mr. Senator, then…"

"Aki is your son. He is not my son."

Hiro could not believe his ears. He looked on the phone, trying to digest what Eto has just said.

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