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   Chapter 48 A mother’s intuition

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Eto felt something heavy on his chest, as if it was about to burst. He recognized immediately that he was in a controlled rage. He felt his head expanded with apprehension at Yuki and Aki's condition.

"Are they ok?" he finally asked.

"They are both alive, now."

Meaning, they could be killed anytime!

"What do you want?"

"I want you to keep the police from making any movement towards us for 24 hours. If you do that, your fiancée will be returned to your house unscathed."

His heart won't stop beating fast and hard. His fist clenched tightly in his side. He gripped the phone harder.

"What do you plan to do to my son?"

The caller sneered. "He is not your son." The line went dead.

The investigators shook their head as the conversation was too short to detect the caller's location.

Eto sat on one chair, and placed his head between his hands. He could not hide his surprise. Only a few people know that Aki is not his son. His father, mother, Alfonso, and Yuki, not to mention Aki himself. All the staff in their house were told that Aki is his son with a random woman, and that he just took care of him after she gave birth.

Even Hiro and Ivy are not aware of it.

Could the caller be somebody related to him?

Father? Mother? It's impossible, they believe that Aki is their grandson with Haruka, they won't do anything to hurt him.

Alfonso? Could it be him? After realizing that Aki is not his real son, could it be that he is using the boy to get money from him?

As Eto remembered their last meeting, he decided that it could not be Alfonso. And Yuki is out of the question. She could be as cold as an iceberg to him, but she was fond of Aki.

He racked his brain for somebody with so much hatred for him to do this. There are too many. But those people won't have any means to know that Aki is not his son.

He needs to stay calm, as he inhaled deeply, his mind started to clear a little.

It seems that the kidnapper only planned to use Yuki so he won't make a move to involve the police. Then, the kidnapper only wants Aki? What for?

It must be money. If it's only money, then that is easy. He could give them as much as they want as long as Aki is safe. But what if it's not money? Could they be after his own life? Will they ask me to go there in place of Aki?

His fists clenched at the thought. Even though Aki is not his real son, he would not think twice to give his life for him.

"Mr. Senator, "

The investigator's voice interrupted his thinking, and he looked at him with an irritated eyes. The investigator flinched at his sharp stare, and realizing that it was not p

om the cupboard but it slipped on my hand and fell down. It was clumsy of me, sorry, "

Hiro's gaze softened at her. He was about to say something when Ivy spoke first.

"Hiro, I just have this feeling that something is not right with Aki. Would you mind calling Mr. Iguchi for me and ask for him, please?"

As Ivy knew Hiro minds a lot when she is the first one to contact them, she will always ask him to call them. But this is the first time, because Aki was always the one who called her almost every night.

Hiro has been debating with himself which should he tell Ivy first. The good news that they identified the nurse who saved and took their first child, or the bad news that Aki and Yuki are now missing. He looked at her in the eyes, he could tell how much Aki meant to her and her anxiety won't ease up until she knows that Aki is fine.

"I talked with Mr. Iguchi just a while before I go home. It seems that Yuki and Aki are missing." He finally decided to tell her the bad news first.

"Oh my God!" Ivy exclaimed and covered her mouth. She's right! Aki is in danger, that is why the feeling of unrest won't leave her at all. She touched Hiro's sleeve.

"Hiro, what should we do?" Her voice wavered, thinking about Aki and Yuki.

Hiro calmly hold her.

"Shhh, relax hon. Please don't worry too much. Aki is the senator's son, of course he would do anything to find him. And Yuki is his fiancée, so everything would be alright."

After a while, Ivy calmed down. Although she cannot help but still worry about Aki, Hiro is right. Aki is Eto's son, he has all the power to find him. She should not worry too much.

But, the nagging feeling in her just won't end. It kept on badgering her insides even after they finished dinner.

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