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   Chapter 47 Phone call

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Aki's birthday celebration finished in a cemented friendship between him and Shin. That night, it was Yuki who stayed in Aki's room. Eto became engrossed with what he found out about Aki that he stayed in his study room, and corresponded with the detectives that he hired.

He sent them an email, telling them the possibility that Aki could be Hiro and Ivy's child. The realization kept him agitated even after the party. It took him all ounce of self-control not to divulge his opinion to Ivy. He was never a man who acted on impulse. He has to make sure that all evidences would be complete to confirm that Aki is indeed their child.

He does not want to give Ivy any false hope.

He put his clasped hands under his head and leaned on the chair. He was looking at the ceiling, but he was seeing Aki's face. If his hunch is true, what a twist of fate it has become.

He would have never met Ivy if Aki did not throw a tantrum at his driver that caused them to hit Ivy as she crossed the street. If Aki is indeed their son who was switched at the hospital, how is his sister became part of it? Was it Haruka who switched the babies? If so, what was her motive in doing it?

If Aki turned out to be their child, he is sure that they will take Aki away from him. The child who has become his joy for the last three years. Would he be willing to let him go like that?

Eto closed his eyes. For a brief moment, his heart wavered and thought that he would keep this a secret if it's true. He would keep Aki as his son.

The pretty smile on Ivy's lips haunted him. Now, he is torn in two. Will he choose his own happiness to be with Aki, or will he let Aki return to his real parents? What should he do? It would be nice if Ivy could love him, he is willing to accept Aiko as his daughter as well.

But Ivy is a half, his parents will never allow him to marry her.

Eto shook his head in embarrassment.

He is about to get married, why is he still coveting other man's wife? How greedy could he be?

Eto rose from the chair, looked outside and breathed in a deep sigh. Now, all he has to do is patiently wait for the investigator's report. After everything has been confirmed, that's when he will decide what to do.


That night in Hiro and Ivy's house, Aiko was throwing a tantrum. She does not want to drink the milk from the bottle no matter how many times Hiro tried to feed her. Hiro does not know what to do because Ivy was still in the bathroom, he took her from the crib and tried to pacify her by rocking her back and forth in his arms. She kept on crying.

It was when Ivy came out and saw the defeated look on Hiro's face. She giggled at him, gently took Aiko and they sat on t

Mita's mouth opened again, as if she wanted to say more. She paused and went out of the house.

Yukio found it odd though that she didn't say whose friend she would be meeting with or where they will meet. He stood up and decided to ask her but she was already gone the moment he reached the door.


Eto could not believe his eyes when he watched the video recording that the investigators has managed to get a copy of. He clearly saw what happened on the day at the baby's station. The baby switching. Even without the camera catching a glimpse on the nurse's face who saved the baby and took the baby away, he could recognize the green specks on Haruka's hair.

Haruka has always maintained those specks of green color. She told him before that it signifies her love for nature, a sign of her free soul.

Now it all made sense to him. Haruka saved Hiro and Ivy's child from getting killed by somebody. She ran away with the child and met an accident along the way. His eyes moistened at the truth.

Haruka died in a heroic way. She died to save a life, and the life she saved brought happiness to his own dull life. Hiro and Ivy's first born was saved by his sister, and he took care of him. It must have been destined that they would hit Ivy so that the mother and son would meet each other.

How could fate make their lives so entangled like this?

In that instant, he received a phone call. It was an unregistered number. He looked at the investigators, who acted rapidly and connected his phone on some wires to detect where the call is coming from.

He pressed the answer button and turned on the loud speaker.

"Senator Iguchi?" it was a voice that was masked so as not to be identified clearly.

"Yes, speaking."

"We have your fiancée with us. Along with the child."

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