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   Chapter 46 Eto’s realization

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Aki's birthday party was held on the spacious lawn of the Iguchi household. Many children attended, but mostly their relatives and close friends. No member of the diet was invited, as Eto wanted to separate his private life from his political life as much as possible. Yuki was the one who managed the party details.

As she was going around pacing and looking though all the details with Aki trailing behind her, Eto could not help but wonder why she seems to be only cold towards him. Does she hate me so much because she was just forced by my father to marry me? Either way, they will be married in a month's time. Aki also likes her.

Eto smiled to himself when he remembered about the time he asked Aki his impression on Yuki.

"I like her Father, I think she will be a good wife to you." Then the child paused and seemed to be considering something, "but I still prefer Ivy to be my mother. I hope I could have a sister like Ai-chan." Aki called Aiko as Ai-chan, giving her a nickname.

Eto wondered about it. Since the time he met Yuki, he tried to made her attracted to him. Well, he knows that he is physically attractive, at least. Not just for his position and for his money. But she will always tell him coldly that he does not need to act nice to her, because they will be married soon.

How cold could she get? He pondered what would happen on their wedding night. Will it be a honeymoon in Antarctica or what?

In one month.

He decided to join them on welcoming the guests.

Aki was so elated when he saw Ivy, Hiro, Shin and Aiko coming. Behind them were Mita, Yukio, Lira and 1 other staff. He ran towards them, not noticing a hose for the garden on the lawn and he stumbled upon it. He fell on the pond nearby.

Everybody gasped in shock and were rooted at their places. Hiro was the first one to react and pulled the child up quickly. Eto was at their side in an instant as well. Ivy was so worried and she gave Aiko to her father then went to where Aki was coughing.

He was wet, and since it was still a bit cold, the child shivered uncontrollably. Eto took off his suit, undressed Aki and took him inside. It happened rapidly, but something made Hiro frowned.

It was only for a moment but now, he finally realized why Aiko and Ivy's birthmark seemed to always gnaw at his thoughts lately. He tried to push it out of his head, as it was just a common thing to have a birthmark that runs in the family. But the similarity with Aki's birthmark just now was uncanny! It raised goosebumps on his arms.

Unknown to Hiro, it was not only him who noticed the birthmark on Aki, and the person who saw the birthmark has an unreadable expression on the face.


Aki changed clothes and was back on his feet in no time. He actively participated on all the children's games, always pairing with Shin. The two wonder boys were almost winning most of the prizes in the events, until all the children began to lose their motivation in joining the games. After all, only Aki and Shin seemed to be getting all the prizes.

Realizing it, Eto talked with the two boys, who patiently listened and nodded the whole time he was explaining something to them. On the next games, the two boys became clumsy and lost pathetically. The children were ecstatic and became motivated to play again. The two little boys winked at each other, and gave a thumbs up sign to Eto.

Ivy was chatting merrily with Yuki, who was holding Aiko in her arms.

"You seem so good with children, Yuki, " Ivy commented.

Yuki smiled shyly.

"I was a nursery school teacher back in my province Ivy, so I deal with children every day, " she explained. Her voice has a hint of sadness, or was it longing, when she talked about her past job.

Ivy could understand her situation. Since she is already engaged to Eto, she has no choice but to move here in Tokyo and leave her job in Miyazaki. Their wedding would be in a month's time. She smiled when she thinks about how Aki will fin

ally have a mother figure.

"Aki will finally be happy to have a mother, " she said. At the deep part of her heart, she was wishing that the bond between her and Aki won't be replaced with Yuki's presence.

"Yes, I heard from Mr. Igu—from Eto, that Aki never met his parents at all, it must be so hard for him." Yuki's expression softened at the thought of Aki.

Ivy frowned. She felt confused with her words.

"I thought that Aki is Mr. Iguchi's son to his dead wife?" she could not contain her curiosity.

Yuki paused for a while. If she remembered it correctly, Eto Iguchi told her that he don't know who are Aki's real parents. Maybe this is classified information, she thought. She must not gossip.

She smiled apologetically at Ivy.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I must have misunderstood the words of Mr. Igu --- Eto." Then she turned her attention to Aiko.

Ivy was silent for a while, but not having anything to be doubtful about, she let go of the topic as well.


Meanwhile, as Hiro was sitting together with Eto, he was also silently observing Aki. The irregularly shaped reddish-brown birthmark on his left chest has indeed became larger than the first time he saw it on the onsen. It resembled Ivy's birthmark more now.

It runs in the family.

Ivy's words reverberated on his mind. She did say it right? Then, what is this supposed to mean? A coincidence?

At his deep and frowned expression, Eto could not help commenting.

"Don't tell me you are thinking about business at this time, Mr. Yamamoto?" his tone was wildly amused. He admired the bond between Aki and Shin, and thought that they'd do well to be real best friends when they grow up.

Hiro smiled faintly. He could not keep his curiosity to himself anymore.

"Mr. Iguchi, what was that mark on Aki's lower left chest?"

Eto glanced at the playing children. Was Hiro referring to the burn scar on Aki?

"I think it was a scar left due to the fire that caught him up when he was a baby. It never healed completely." Eto said indifferently at first, but paused then think as well when he noticed how it caught Hiro's attention.

Come to think of it, he never noticed that mark until Aki turned 1 year old. He thought that it was a scar left from the burn. Now that Hiro mentioned it, the scar became larger as he grows older. It's supposed to fade as he grows older.

Hiro's brows knitted. A troubling feeling in his heart has started to create imaginations in his head. Is it possible that a birthmark which runs in the family be the same with a totally un-related person?

He cleared his throat and adjusted his necktie, he suddenly felt a bit suffocated with the way his mind is heading for.

"Mr. Iguchi, I never heard anything about Aki's mother. Did you ever marry a Filipina?"

In Hiro's mind, Aki's mother could be related to Ivy's family.

Eto chuckled softly, "That's a funny question, Mr. Yamamoto. You know how my family treasures the Yamato blood."

Hiro nodded shyly. Of course, as politicians, the Iguchi household will not allow those without a pure Japanese blood to be wedded to their only son. It was a foolish question, after all.

"Why did you ask, Mr. Yamamoto?" It was Eto's turn to be curious at the sudden personal question. He believes that Hiro Yamamoto will not ask him something so trivial. There must be a reason.

Hiro decided to be honest.

"I wonder if Aki's mother could be somehow related to Ivy's family. The mark on Aki's lower left chest resembles the ones in Ivy and Aiko. Ivy told me that it runs in their family so it kind of made me curious, " Hiro explained.

"But of course, your son should be a full-bloodied Japanese, right?"

Hiro finished the remaining of his drink, never noticing how the color of Eto's face slightly changed to a paler one. Eto looked closely at Aki, then to where Ivy was happily chatting with Yuki, a myriad of emotions filled his heart, as his mind began to contemplate on so many possibilities.

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