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   Chapter 45 No second time

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They celebrated Shin's 3rd birthday, along with Aiko's 5th week in a grand children's party. Mita handled all the arrangements and Yukio paid for all the expenses. Almost everybody in Shin's nursery school attended, as well as some business partners, relatives, and friends. The truth about Shin's identity was kept confidential within the family and the three men whom Hiro trust the most.

Eto and Aki also attended, as well as Yuki. By the looks if it, Yuki and Eto were still not comfortable with each other, as Yuki would always turn stiff whenever Eto tried talking to her. Hiro secretly observed them and felt good that Eto will soon be a dot on their marriage life.

The birthday party finished without anything unusual happening. Although Hiro expected something to happen but the presence of Yano and other guests, who were actually security personnel, were wasted. It turned out to be a good day for all of them.

Aki later on reminded them that the next day would be his 3rd birthday too. Ivy and Hiro promised to come, along with Shin and Aiko. Shin and Aki immediately hit it off when they met. They became inseparable during the birthday party, as both boys were smart and their thinking was like those of adults.

Although Eto was not informed about Shin's true identity, he learned that a baby switch happened in the hospital when Ivy gave birth to their first child. It was due to his influence that he learned about the information. However, he wondered why Hiro said when they were in the onsen that their son was in heaven. From the sound of it, he was not referring to Shin, but to their real first born.

Were they able to find out that their baby who was switched with Shin died? The information he obtained did not say any detail about the switching. It seems then that he had to dig deeper. As the investigation about Haruka is still on-going, he might as well request the investigation team to look into the matter of the baby switch.

Eto felt glad that he would still be able to help Ivy in some way. She looked lovelier and more vibrant during the party, as she held Aiko in her arms. It made Eto wish that he could sire a daughter as adorable as the little child.

At the thought of it, he looked at Yuki through the mirror who was sitting in the backseat with Aki. He frowned when Yuki met his gaze, her gaze as cold as the Mount Fuji in winter. Totally opposite with Ivy. He withdrew his gaze and focused on the road, thinking. The driver shook his head. He could not fathom the complicated relationship of his boss and his fiancée.


In Hiro's house, he tucked Aiko on her crib, w

Mita kneeling on the floor, weeping silently. He walked towards her, helped her stood up and embraced her gently.


Hiro arrived home in time when Ivy was preparing for the dinner. When she saw him coming, her questioning look earned a hug from him. He hugged her for a long time, kissing her hair, until he finally talked.

"Ivy, I have your seal with me."

As she looked at him with confused eyes, he explained softly.

"When mother thought that you cheated on me, she decided that it would be better if we divorce. She wanted me to be free of you and for you to be free from me. It was a misunderstanding, " he cupped Ivy's face in his hands, "Can you forgive her for me, hon?"

Now, Ivy understood why Hiro was hesitant to tell her what was going on. She touched his cheek, his eyes were asking for her understanding.

"It's already done Hiro. Besides, we are together now. Let's forget all the bad things that happen in the past ok?"

"You are not angry at her? Did you forgive her already?" Hiro could not believe how easy she could accept what he just said.

Just how big her heart could be?

"I am disappointed, of course. But not angry. Mother has never treated me bad, so I think she was acting out of concern for both of us. And, no harm was done right? Unless--- " she gave him a look that made him catch his breath in suspense.


"Where is that divorce paper, did you sign it?"

Hiro pinched her nose.

"Lucky you! I tore it to thousand pieces and burned it. There's no way I would agree to that divorce. You are my wife Ivy, and no matter what may happen, you will be always be my wife, as long as I live."

He sealed his words with a kiss on her lips, and the matter on the divorce was settled.

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