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   Chapter 44 Shizuku Murata’s identity

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Alfonso looked confused, and bewildered at Eto's accusing tone.

"Hey man, wait a minute. Hold on, you got me confused there, " he stammered, and looked puzzled at Eto, "Are you telling me that Haruka gave birth to a child?"

So, he did not even know that his own wife was pregnant? He clenched his fists.

"Yes, "

Alfonso has this stupid look on his face that Eto felt an urge to punch him. He held himself as he felt Aki tightening his hold on his hand.

"That is impossible, " Alfonso stated calmly.

It was Eto's turned to look confused.

"What do you mean impossible? You were married right? Why is it impossible for you to have a child?"

Alfonso looked at Aki intently, who met his gaze bravely. Alfonso looked back at Eto, as if studying their features for the first time.

"Senator, this child is not mine, nor Haruka's." He said directly.

Aki fidgeted on his chair, he could understand what this man is saying. Aki knows that his biological mother is Haruka and his father Eto is actually his biological Uncle.

What is going on?

"Can you explain?" Eto's mind was in chaos.

Alfonso crossed his legs.

"I was vasectomized before I met Haruka. I told her I could never sire a child, it was my choice. She understood and still married me. When we came here to get her inheritance, we went to the US and she underwent sterilization. She could never bear a child as well."

Eto was astounded with what he heard. He could not talk for a while, trying to digest Alfonso's words.

"Besides, I was just with Haruka 2 weeks before she was in that accident. I helped her changed her name as she wanted to try to work as a nurse on one of those fancy hospitals in the city. She was as sexy as before, there was no way she was 9 months pregnant then and gave birth 2 weeks later."

Eto pacified himself and tried to think straight with all the information at hand.

He re-played in his mind what happened almost 3 years ago.

He was just about to go home since it was past 5PM when his phone rang. When he looked at the caller ID, he hesitated for a while before answering it. He decided to press the answer button.

As soon as he put the phone on his ear, he heard his sister's voice.

"Eto! Please help me! I'm in an accident, my car's on fire, please rescue the baby!"

He asked where she was and although the location she said was just nearby, it was rush hour. It took them almost half an hour to reach the location. After their call, Eto called the fire station, ambul

buddy. But since he is in a good mood from last night, he pretended not to hear his curse.

"What brings you here? The meeting has finished." Hiro said.

Kaname made himself at home by pouring himself a drink. He gulped the alcohol at one time, and put down the glass with a thud.

"That was refreshing!" he remarked.

Hiro bent on his desk and looked inquiringly at Kaname. When Kaname did not say anything, he began to clear his desk to get ready to go back home.

"Hey wait, I have something to report to you." Kaname stopped him and sat on the chair in front of his desk.

"Spill it out, fast!"

"Wow! Am I your slave, Mr. Yamamoto?" Kaname asked jokingly, shaking his head and put on a fake expression of being offended.

But Hiro knew him too well like the back of his hand. Or the side of the coin. Because they are one coin, Kaname is the bad side.

Hiro sneered at him, "Come on, you're wasting my time. I have a pretty wife waiting for me you know, and a lovely daughter."

Kaname cocked his eyebrow at him, smiling smugly.

"You're too unfair, do you know that? After I spent so many days working for you, free of charge, and abstaining myself from the pleasures of women, you would tell me how you enjoy being married to a lovely wife who can cook and a father to Aiko-chan. I can't believe how insensitive you are to your best buddy's sufferings!"

His litany was so distracting that Hiro covered his ears in banter.

Kaname then placed the file folder that he was holding on Hiro's desk. Hiro began to read the contents. When he finished, his look changed into a really serious one.

They just found another lose piece of the puzzle.

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