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   Chapter 43 Haruka’s request

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The matter about the birthmark was later on forgotten. In Hiro's mind, three things are still uncertain. First, the person who sent the photos of Ivy, second, the one who put Ivy's seal on the divorce paper and third, the one who tried to kill their son.

He has the same thoughts with Kaname and Yousuke. There is a high possibility that those were the works of different people.

But who could they be? What are their motives for doing so?

The result of the finger print is one indication. However, Hiro could not believe that the person who has the fingerprint on Ivy's seal would be the same person who wanted to kill their child. It was inconceivable for him.

"Boss, don't forget the person who called the lady and told her that Shin had an accident. He could be an accomplice of the killer." Yano reminded him.

Ok, Hiro massaged his temples.

There are still four things that they have to find out, then. Hiro won't be able to relax completely until he is not sure that his family is safe. Since he asked Yano to install additional camera in and outside of the house unknown to Ivy and the three staff, nothing happened unusual.

He looked at the time, it was almost 6:00PM, it's time for him to go home. To his family.


Ivy was inside their room, leaning at the crib where Aiko was sleeping peacefully, when Hiro arrived. She heard the sound of his footsteps on the stairs so she went down and welcomed him.

Hiro's expression softened at the sight of his wife. The long day he spent at the office was forgotten the moment she welcomed him with a kiss on his lips. His arms automatically went to her back, pulling her closer to him, deepening the kiss.

She then freed herself as she felt him became more passionate.

"Hiro, " she gasped as their mouths parted. She was just meaning to kiss him lightly.

"Lira is still awake, she might see us, " she reprimanded him, pushing him lightly on his chest.

The interrupted bliss made a deep frown on his face. She giggled at him.

It was just 5 weeks since she gave birth, she can understand Hiro's irritation. At 6 months in her pregnancy, the doctor advised them to abstain from physical contact. Hiro was unhappy, but he had no choice.

"Let's eat, " she said, held his hand and led him to the dining area.

She prepared the food for him and they ate while chatting occasionally. Then she remembered that she received a call from Aki in the afternoon.

"Hiro, Aki and Mr. Iguchi were inviting us on Aki's birthday. It would be on the day after Shin's birthday party."

Hiro nodded, he has no qualms about it.

They received a wedding invitation from Eto Iguchi which would take place 2 months from now. He does not treat him as

ious, and a look of guilt flashed across his face.

"I feel terrible that I was not here when Haruka died. I was in Africa."

"That's all in the past, Alfonso, " Eto said impatiently, "what I want to know is the reason why you are here now, "

Alfonso clasped his hands on his knees.

"I came here to tell you Haruka's request."

Eto nodded, indicating that he will listen. Aki was just silently listening to the two adults. His small fingers interlaced with Eto's.

"You might not think highly of me nor Haruka, but I want you to know that I really loved her. She was a free soul."

That, Eto knows all too well. If not, she would have been here with them, married to some politician.

"All she ever wanted was to observe how we, humans live. She was not interested in other things. We were the same on some points. But me, I love painting. Haruka did not have any attachment to anything, she treats anything and anyone equally."

Alfonso's eyes moistened.

"Anyway, her request is that when she dies, she does not want her ashes to be kept on the family mausoleum. She wants her ashes to be scattered on the sea, to indicate that she lived and died freely as she would have wanted."

Eto's long buried feeling for his sister was awakened in that moment. His respect for her returned. It seems that none of them in her own family was able to understand her at all.

"I understand Alfonso, I will do as you said, I promise."

Alfonso smiled faintly. Then to Aki, "What's your name, little boy?"

"I am Aki, "

"Nice name, " Alfonso nodded, "Were you born on autumn?"

Eto knitted his eyebrows, how could this man be not aware of his own son?

"Aki was born the night Haruka died." Eto answered. "You were supposed to be with her, yet you left her all by herself to deliver your baby."

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