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   Chapter 42 Reddish-brown mark

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It was Hiro who answered Aki's question. He squatted so they are on eye level.

"Our son is now in heaven Aki. But you will meet our next child, soon. Then, can you promise to be a good sworn brother?"

Aki nodded, he wanted to ask another question but he felt it is not good.

Ivy turned her face sideways, suppressing her tears. Eto was totally surprised. He did not expect Hiro's answer. But he could tell that he was telling the truth. The sadness in his voice, added with Ivy's reaction made him want to know more.

But his sensitivity told him that it's not the proper time nor the proper place for such topic.

"Ok, why don't we get going to our dinner? It's getting pretty late." Eto put on an enthusiastic smile on his face. That time, Hiro thanked him silently. He will remember it.

Since it was Eto who invited them, the father and son decided to take them to a restaurant that serves sushi. It was Aki's request so the three of them just pampered the boy.

They had a hearty dinner after about an hour, mostly thanks to the bubbly presence of Aki. As Hiro was about to pay for the food, Eto stopped him.

"My treat, Mr. Yamamoto, " he said.

Hiro was used to be the one who always pay, but this time, he let Eto Iguchi paid. Hiro then stepped back and put his arm around Ivy's waist. It was a very personal gesture especially in a public place.

Aki was staring at Hiro's hand for a while. As Hiro felt the boy's stare, he winked at him and gave him an ok sign with the hand that was on Ivy's waist. Aki returned his smile knowingly.

As they went to the parking, Ivy bid them goodnight. Eto could still tell that she was not in her usual lively demeanor. His curiosity is killing him.

Before Ivy went back to Hiro, she would always happily talk about her son. What happened during the past months that the child would suddenly be gone? It's either he ask them directly or he investigate on the matter. Aki stared at his father's knitted eyebrows as they sat on the car.

"Father, what's wrong?" He wondered if he did or said something bad while they were dining.

"Nothing, " he said and smiled to Aki. He then asked the driver to drive home.


Several weeks passed, Ivy and Hiro gradually accepted what happened to their son. Ivy decided to focus her attention to her developing baby, who turned out to be a girl according to the ultrasound.

Although Hiro has always wanted a son, he was so delighted when he heard the news that it will be a baby girl. He lifted Ivy in the air. The good news was also met with joy by Andrea and Ivy's grandma, as well as Yukio and Mita.

When Ivy told her mother and gran


"I know hon, thanks."

Ivy told him that Mita volunteered to help so there would be no problem.


That night, Ivy was in the bathroom cleaning herself when Aiko cried. Hiro immediately went over to his daughter's crib and discovered that she's wet. He wondered if he should wait for Ivy, but realizing that he is the father, he decided to do the job.

He took off the wet diaper and wiped her clean with baby wipes. He was about to put on a clean diaper when he noticed a reddish-brown mark on Aiko's lower left breast. His brows twisted.

He seemed to have seen the same mark before.

As he tried to think about it, Ivy came from the bathroom. She saw Hiro holding a diaper, but his hands were frozen in mid-air, as if contemplating whether to put the diaper or not.

Thinking that it would be Hiro's first to put on a diaper, she smiled softly. She walked towards them, and Hiro turned to her.

He has a confused look on his face.

"What's the matter?" she asked him.

Hiro pointed to the mark on Aiko.

"I think I have seen this kind of mark before Ivy, "

Ivy squinted her eyes to look closely at what Hiro was pointing at, then she understood. She smiled nonchalantly and removed the tie on her robe.

Hiro thought that Ivy was tempting him, and his eyes darkened with desire at her half-naked body. It has been almost 4 months…

At Hiro's obvious look, Ivy's cheeks burned. She lightly pinched him on his chest, and as he reacted, she giggled.

"You're such a pervert, Hiro, " she taunted. "I was just showing you my birthmark. See here, Aiko has the same birthmark with me, it's just that hers is still too small. It becomes bigger with age. Even my grandma and my mother have the same birthmark. It runs in the family."

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