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   Chapter 41 How beautiful their family is

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Aki was excited as they went to the dressing room. He was holding Eto's hand from the moment they got out of the car. For Aki, this calls for a celebration. His father's job is very demanding, so quality time together like this is too seldom for him.

They entered the 'onsen' room for male. It was Aki's first time to enter a public hot spring.

Eto was silently observing the child, because he knows that it was Aki's first time. He was expecting him to ask questions on what to do. But the questions never came.

Aki observed him on everything he did and just followed suit. What a smart child!

He will only turn three years old in a few months but is so sensitive and observant to his surroundings.

They washed their bodies first on the shower room, then put on a bath towel, and entered the onsen. There were only a few people there, as it was a weekday. Eto guided Aki as they entered the water and placed him on his side.

Aki's face reddened in an instant due to the hot temperature. It was between 45-50 degrees Celsius. Eto stifled a laugh as the child tried to bear the heat.

For Aki, he had no choice but to bear it, for he wanted to be with his father. If he won't act like an adult and throw tantrums, his father might not take him together with him anymore. He does not like that thought.

They have been there for about 10 minutes when a familiar man caught Eto's attention. The man has his back on them, but Eto has a bad feeling. The man was Hiro Yamamoto.

As Hiro entered the onsen, he immediately saw the Iguchi father and son due to very few people immersed on the water. An envious feeling swept through him.

If his son is only alive, he would be the same age with Aki, and Hiro could also take him together in the onsen with him. But he is gone.

He pushed the thought away from his mind, for he came here tonight to relax and forget about the distressful thought. He left Ivy on the spa at the other room and they agreed to meet after an hour.

He then immersed onto the water, a bit far from Eto and Aki. After a few minutes, he felt them looking at him. Ok, there is no need to avoid them.

Since it's a public onsen, they are on equal status, on equal grounds.

He turned, and put a smile on his lips as he saw Aki swam towards him. Behind him was Eto Iguchi. Hiro spread his arms, watching the boy swam skillfully towards him. In that instant, he felt like he was waiting for his own son, rather than Eto's son.

"Mr. Yamamoto, " Aki was breathing heavily, his cute face is already red with the heat. "Good evening, "

"Good evening, Aki, " Hiro smiled and took the child in his a

dsome father, a pretty mother who is pregnant, and a cute little boy.

Eto thought so, too. But in his imagination, it was himself standing at Hiro's place.

"Hey there, little one, " Ivy's voice became full of life, as she patted Aki's head, "How have you been?"

"I'm always good, " he answered smartly. "My father always take good care of me."

Eto smiled to himself. Aki could grow up to be his spokesperson someday.

Ivy smiled gently as Eto approached them. He looks so much younger in his casual long sleeve sweatshirt and matching joggers and sneakers.

Hiro scowled at her, and she lowered her eyes shyly. He bent his head towards her, "I am more handsome than him, right?"

Ivy could have laughed if they were alone.

"Of course, " she decided to feed his ego, although both of them were equally handsome, her heart goes out to Hiro after all.

Hiro looked at Eto with a triumphant smile, while the latter was oblivious to the reason why Hiro was looking suddenly big-headed.

"Why don't we have dinner together?" Eto asked after nodding at Ivy as an acknowledgment.

Since he promised Hiro to stay away from Ivy, he would like to take this opportunity to spend some time with her longer. He figured that Hiro won't deny Aki this time, as he could feel that Hiro is genuinely fond of the child.

He then wondered about their son. He knows that they have a son the same age with Aki, as Ivy frequently mentioned him when she stayed with them.

Why hasn't Hiro took their son with him?

"Ivy, when can I meet your son?"

Aki took the question out of his mouth. At the mention of their son, Ivy's eyes moistened, and Hiro inhaled sharply. Eto was quick to recognize the tension in the air. It made him all the more curious.

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