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   Chapter 40 The longest night

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They found out that the name of the nurse trainee was Shizuku Murata.


As soon as Hiro went back to Tokyo, he immediately learned from the hospital director that Ms. Murata died in a car accident on that day. No information about the baby was reported.

Hiro pinched the bridge of his nose, as his eyes reddened with the news. He was in his office, it was Yano who reported to him about the nurse. Yousuke and Kaname where there as well, and they all looked at Hiro with equal sadness.

If the nurse died in the car accident, there is no way that a newborn baby would have survived.

It was an obvious fact that none of them dared to put into words.

Hiro was worried how to tell it to Ivy. It would break her heart, for sure.

But he has to be the one to tell it to her. As Yano drove him back home, Hiro was silent. He was dreading the time when Ivy ask him about their son.

He arrived at around 10PM, he was not in any mood to eat. He went directly to their bedroom and found Ivy talking on the phone. From her happy expression and the exchange in words, he knew that she was talking with Aki.

When Ivy felt him, she turned to him, a worried look spread across her face. She immediately said goodnight to the boy and walked towards him. He kept his expression as calm as possible.

"You look tired, " she said, touching the few stubbles on his chin, "Have you had dinner yet?"

He shook his head. He felt a lump in his throat, preventing him from uttering a word.

Ivy smiled, but Hiro could tell that she was forcing herself.

"Ok then, let's go to the kitchen, I will re-heat the food for you, "

"Ivy, no need, " Hiro felt his voice break.

Ivy stopped on her tracks. Her hands closed and opened. She turned her back to him, crossed her arms across her chest. He saw her inhaling sharply.

He walked towards her. Hiro felt that she was suddenly too far, like he walking for too long when she is just a few steps away from him.

He embraced her from behind. He does not know where to begin. He decided to tell her directly, in fewer words as possible.

"We found the nurse who put Shin on our child's crib. She identified the nurse who saved our baby. But that nurse died in a car accident on the same day. No whereabouts of the baby."

Hiro was almost gritting his teeth from each word that he said. He

Japanese word for hot spring.

It was unknown to Eto that his father was waiting for him in his office, together with a young lady that is supposed to be his wife.


Hiro did not go to work that day. He woke up at noon, and the first thing he did was to look at his wife. He found her sitting on the balcony.

She was knitting a baby's socks.

When she felt him awake, she turned and smiled at him faintly. The smile she gave him broke his heart.

It was a lifeless smile.

He never saw her smiled like that before. Even when he punished her for all those foolish misunderstandings, she was always facing him with a bright smile. It made him hate her more then, as he felt that she was not even guilty with what she did.

He did not realize that her smiles then showed her innocence and understanding for him.

He was the biggest fool of a man.

Now he knows. And he promised not to doubt her again.

That was the promise he made to her when he knelt down in front of her, asking for her forgiveness. She forgave him too easily.

How could he deserve such a kindhearted woman?

He went to the toilet first, then proceeded to the kitchen. He went back to their bedroom, bringing warm milk for her and hot brewed coffee for him.

"Won't you go to work?" she asked afterwards, "No."

He was worried about leaving Ivy alone. He then suggested for them to go somewhere for a change of atmosphere. The house felt too big but empty for both of them.

Since it was winter, they decided to go to a hot spring and spa to refresh and relax.

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