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   Chapter 39 The one who gave them Shin

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After they finished eating, Ivy began to clean everything. Hiro helped her while the three men were sipping the coffee that Ivy brewed for them.

Kaname and Yousuke felt envious to Hiro in that moment.

"It would be nice to have a pretty wife who can also cook delicious meals, wouln't you say so, Yousuke?"

Kaname said, loud enough for Hiro and Ivy to hear. Yousuke nodded, he honestly thinks so too. The food that Ivy cooked for them were really delicious, and warm.

He now understands why Hiro has changed.

"Hey Ivy, don't you have a long lost sister or a friend who is as pretty and skillful as you?" Kaname joked.

Hiro threw a cup at him, and he had to jump to catch the cup that was made of glass.

He looked at Hiro with disbelief.

Yousuke chuckled at Kaname. He is really the joker.

"Shut your mouth Kaname." Hiro snapped at them, "By the way, you three already finished eating. Why don't you go back to what you're supposed to do?"

They said 'yes boss' in unison.

When Ivy finished with what she was doing, she sat on the chair. Hiro looked at her with worry.

"Are you tired?" he asked, she smiled at him shyly, "You should take a rest in the room, hon. We will continue here."

"Sorry, " she said. She knows that they are working hard to help them find their son. The least she could do is cook food for them. The food that she prepared supposedly for 10 people was actually finished in one sitting.

Hiro led her to the room, and when she laid down on the bed, he kissed her forehead.

"Stay here and rest well, " he said and left the room.

She was asleep as soon as the door closed.

It was 4PM when she woke up. She sat on the bed and blinked several times, then went to the toilet. When she got out of the room, the four men were drinking coffee on the table. All of them have a grim expression on their faces.

Hiro stood up when he saw her.

"You stay there, Hiro" she said as he started to walk towards her. She walked towards them.

She sat on the chair next to Hiro.

"So, any news?" she asked.

"We found a clue." Hiro answered. On the table, one laptop was still on. Hiro played the recording.

"It was taken on the baby station just a few minutes after you gave birth."

Ivy watched the recording intently.

The camera caught somebody, wearing a hooded jacket, sunglasses and mask, looking through all the newly born babies. The person stopped on their baby's crib, and a knife flashed on one hand.

The person was about to kill their child.

Suddenly, a nurse pushed the person, who lost balance

e who put Shin in their baby's crib is supposed to be living. Hiro's influence and contact allowed them to locate her place easily. They were also escorted by a police car as they went to the area.

Upon seeing the police, some people hurriedly went inside their house, while the others pretended not to see them. After walking for several yards, they finally stopped at an old house.

The police man knocked on the door, as there was no gate. After a while, the door opened. An old woman of around 80 years old looked at them. After some introduction, they were let inside the house. Only 1 police man went with them inside and the others remained outside.

They met the nurse, who is the granddaughter of the old woman. The nurse, named Mei Wada, did not deny her mistake.

She bowed in front of Hiro, sobbing in tears. She said that when she saw that the Yamamoto baby boy was nowhere to be found on his crib, she got scared.

She was the one in-charged of him, and she just went to the toilet. She was only gone for less than 5 minutes, then the baby was gone. As it was almost time to let the mother see her new-born child, she picked up another newborn baby boy from a twin.

She denied knowing the nurse who took the baby at first. When Hiro showed her about what happened, she was genuinely shocked. As she looked closely at the video recording, she suddenly gasped.

"That nurse, she was the new trainee that time. I remember her because among all the new trainees, she was the only one who dyed her hair with some specks of green."

Mei Wada pointed on the screen where the nurse who took their baby was seen pushing the one with the knife. The specks of green hair color was indeed visible.

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