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   Chapter 38 Four hungry wolves

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When Ivy and Hiro told the news to Yukio and Mita, Shin was sent to his own room. After a while, the elderly couple decided to keep Shin. After all, the boy has nowhere to go, and they already treated him as their own grandson.

"So, what do you plan to do?" Yukio asked the two.

Ivy glanced at Hiro, who is sitting at her side, his one arm was on her shoulder. Their relationship improved after knowing the truth. As Hiro finally realize that Ivy never cheated him, after all.

As promised, he knelt in front of her, apologized to her until she let him stood up. That was the first night they made love after several months. Hiro became himself again, the better him.

"We will do everything we can to look for our first born, father." Hiro stated.

He promised that he won't let anything left unturned just to find out where his son is. Yukio nodded his head, feeling suddenly old with everything that is happening recently.

In his room, Shin was standing in the back of his door. He was weeping silently. No wonder his father never cared for him, he was not his son.

When they were about to go, Shin went out of the house and hugged Ivy.

"Mommy! Mommy!" he cried.

It broke Ivy's heart. She looked at Hiro, asking him for understanding. Hiro left them and walked towards the car.

Ivy knelt and put the boy's little face in her palms.

"Shin, listen to me, ok?" she was suppressing her own tears. "Even though you are not my real son, I still love you as much as before. Nothing has changed, ok?" she said, wiping the tears from the boy's eyes.

Shin nodded while crying. He was very sad.

Mita turned her face away, she could not bear to look at them.

"But you will have to live here with grandpa and grandma, ok? Mommy will visit you as often as I can, so you won't be lonely."

"Does Father hate me so much?"

Ivy bit her lower lip. This gentle child does not deserve this.

"No Shin, Hiro does not hate you. He just want to find our real son, so you can play together as brothers."

As Hiro observed them from the car, something in his heart moved. Now that he knows that Ivy did not cheat on him, he does not feel distant to Shin anymore. He can now look at him straight into his eyes, and seeing only an ordinary child.

After several minutes, Shin finally calm down.

"Can I still call you mommy?" Shin asked as Ivy was about to go. She smiled at him a

remembered, they haven't had breakfast yet.

"Ivy, "

She cut him off with her sharp stare. Again, the two laughed, this time, it was so loud that Ivy stifled laughing with them. It was obvious that they were making fun of Hiro.

"It's alright, Hiro." She said finally, "I just came to bring you guys food." He motioned for the butler, and that was the only time they noticed his presence.

At the mention of 'food', the three starving men walked near them, smelling the food like hungry wolves. Hiro's menacing looks stopped them just a few feet away.

He looked softly at his wife, who was so considerate enough to cook them food.

"I am so sorry Ivy, I totally forgot the time. We haven't sleep yet too, " Hiro massaged his temples.

"Hey Hiro, can't we eat yet? Your wife's homemade cooking should be eaten while it's hot." Kaname has an impatient look. His handsome face is now ruined with stubbles up to his cheeks.

Although Yousuke's face has fewer stubbles than Hiro and Kaname, the dark circles on his small eyes made him look scary. Yano looked like hell, as well.

The butler placed the food on the table that they used for meeting, and Ivy prepared everything so they can eat. She cooked stir-fry vegetables with seafood, creamy chicken mushroom, beefsteak, and baked macaroni. She also had miso soup for them, and white rice.

As she was transferring the food from the containers to each of their own plate, the men looked at the food almost drooling. Their eyes became instantly wide with starvation.

The four gorgeous men suddenly looked like four hungry wolves.

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