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   Chapter 37 Who is Shin’s parents

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Hiro went back to the hospital. Ivy was already on her feet, as the doctor told her that she can now go home. When Hiro saw her, he gently hugged her from behind, murmuring words on her hair.

Ivy was tickled, but his sudden gentle behavior surprised her.

What has happened?

"Hiro, let's go home, " she said, gently freeing herself.

He nodded, and motioned for Yano to bring the baskets of fruits and flowers back to the car. As Ivy took the bouquet of roses that was given to her by Eto, Hiro put on a hostile look.

"Why are you bringing that back?"

Ivy looked at him innocently, "Why, they're lovely. I will decorate them on the living room."

Hiro took the bouquet from her and pushed it towards Yano, looking at him meaningfully. Yano understood what he has to do later.

"Let's go, " Hiro held her hand as they went out.

Yano drove the car, and Hiro sat on the passenger seat. He wanted to sit on the back with Ivy but all her stuff and the baskets of fruits and flowers were there.

Yano casts a glance at the impatient look on Hiro. Deep within, he was laughing at his boss, who is behaving like a teenager when it comes to his wife.

When they arrived home, Ivy went straight to her room. She wants to take a shower. She has been avoiding Hiro as he tried to touch her because since yesterday she has not showered yet.

Hiro looked at his wife as she hurriedly went to her own room.

Why is she avoiding me?

With a demanding look on his face, he followed her. When he saw the bathroom door locked, he understood her. It made him smile.

Meanwhile, Yano put the baskets on the living room. He took the bouquet of roses with him when he went out.

Hiro waited patiently on the bed, occasionally glancing at the bathroom. After 30 minutes, his patience snapped.

How long would she stay in the bathroom?

He knocked on the door, twice, thrice, and as he was about to knock harder, it opened. Ivy was wrapped in a bath towel and her hair, too. She looked at him surprisingly, not expecting him there.

"What's up?" she asked him as she walked past Hiro, went to the dresser and began drying her hair.

Hiro does not know where to start in his explanations. He wondered if he needs to tell Ivy about his consultation with the doctor.

She was not even aware that you thought yourself to be impotent.

He nodded to himself. He won't need to explain anything to her.


He just have to act like nothing of that sort has taken place.

He walked towards her, and as Ivy was still drying her hair, he held her hand holding the dryer.

"Let me, " he said gently.

Ivy was wondering about his sudden gentle behavior towards her. Did he finally give up on doubting me?

She closed her eyes as she let him dry her hair. Hiro was very gentle not to hurt her, so she enjoyed it. Afterwards, he began combing her long hair. It was sensual.

Until she felt him getting aroused.

She stiffened.

The last time they had it was more than 2 months ago, and it was not a good one. She pushed the memory behind her head. Let bygones be bygones. If she won't let go, they cannot move on.

"Ivy, "

He held her close until she was standing, their eyes were locked. He kissed her, and she closed her eyes.

It was a gentle and light kiss, full of hesitation. Until Ivy pulled him closer, then he deepened the kiss.

Their longing for each other was so great that Ivy found herself on the bed in an instant. Hiro's shirt was already thrown on the floor. As he was about to unbuckle his belt, he remembere

d something. He stopped like a frozen statue above her.

"Hiro, what's wrong?" Ivy's eyes was full of desire. How she missed him.

Hiro slowly looked at her apologetically. He then leaned forward her body, covering her with his, and whispered in her ears.

"I'm sorry hon, " his voice was hoarse with suppressed desire, "you are pregnant with our child, we have to wait for another week before we can…"

Ivy's face was reddened with embarrassment. How could she forget her condition?

The doctor told them not to make love until she was 3 months pregnant. It seems that the accident that happened to her made the pregnancy a bit delicate than the first time.

She pushed Hiro aside and covered herself with the blanket. Hiro laid on her side, and hugged her.

It was so hard for him to stop.

Hiro quenched the desire in him by having a cold shower before going to bed. That night, they slept together cuddling, after almost 3 months of being distanced to each other.


The next day, they received the DNA test results from the three centers. The results were the same.

Shin is not his child.

As they sat on the living room facing each other, they were silent.

Ivy could not fathom how it could happen. She was so disheartened.

How could this be?

This time, Hiro did not react as angry as he was the first time. In his heart, he already knew that Shin is not his child.

Why? He has never felt a fatherly bond with him, ever since he was born.

At first, he did wonder why. He felt guilty at not being able to closely bond with his own son.

But the paternity test answered his question.

He walked towards Ivy.

"Hiro, " her voice wavered at the sight of him.

Will he hurt her again?

"Listen Hiro, I never…"

Hiro cut her off with his hand. He has a serious look on his face.

"Ivy, as I said before, I cannot accept Shin in this house. He is not my son." He said in a monotonous voice.

She was silent.

"There is one way we can find out why this results are like this, " Hiro said. He remembered Kaname and Yousuke's suggestion to him earlier.

"What?" she asked weakly.

"You will undergo a maternity test with Shin."

Her mouth opened, but no words came. She was in utter shock.

It never once crossed her mind that Shin might not be her child. How could it happen?

"Ivy, this is the only way that we can all know the truth. If you won't consent to it, I will not force you. But if you won't, this problem cannot be answered forever."

Hiro explained, hoping that Ivy would consent to it. He knows how much she love Shin, as their first child.

Ivy tried to think calmly, she imagined herself when she was in the labor room. How she tried her best to keep herself awake the whole time, so that she will be the first one to witness the birth of her first child.

If Shin is not their own child, then where is their real child?

She dreaded the thought. As she began to cry silently, Hiro cursed at himself. Ivy seldom cried in front of him, and it always made him guilty and uncomfortable.


That afternoon, they went to the old house again. They took Shin with them and went to the DNA centers. This time, it was against Ivy. Shin kept on looking at them, but he never questioned his parents. He is just a child, after all.

Another two weeks passed, and Ivy fell to her knees when she saw the result. She cried helplessly in Hiro's arms, who gently embraced her the whole time.

Shin is not her child.

Then who is Shin's parents? Where is their own child?

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