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   Chapter 36 Small tokens to strangers

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Hiro called Yano to pick him up at the restaurant and take him to the hospital. He does not trust himself to drive after that meeting with the doctor. He is still seething with rage. He might slam himself into somewhere if he drives.

As Yano looked at his face, he shut his mouth and took the car keys. He cast a glance at the two people still at their knees and heads bowed to Hiro.

Isn't he supposed to meet with the doctor?


Eto Iguchi was supposed to be going back home. But before he knew it, he already asked his driver to take him to the hospital were Ivy is. Now, as he stood in front of her room's door, he suddenly felt awkward.

What excuse should I say? I'm supposed to only see her because of Aki.

He looked at the bouquet of roses in his hands.

Don't I look like visiting a girlfriend?

As he hesitated to open the door, it suddenly opened for him.

He found himself looking at an elderly man and woman's scrutinizing eyes.

"Senator Iguchi?"

It was Yukio who recognized Eto Iguchi. Mita was so surprised to see him, the youngest senator in the country who have been said to made enumerable accomplishments in his first term.

They bowed their heads in respect to Eto, who also bowed his head in acknowledgment.

"Good afternoon, "

"I am Ivy's father, Yukio Yamashita, and this is my wife, Mita Yamamoto." Yukio introduced themselves. Eto smiled.

Ivy has a resemblance to his father, after all.

"I am here to visit Ivy, " then Eto added "for my son"

The two elders smiled knowingly. They heard about Aki from Ivy, and they also want to meet the little boy, too. Shin needs a playmate at his age.

"Please enter then, Senator Iguchi. We are just about to take a rest while we wait for Hiro to come back."

The two left then, and Eto entered the room.

Ivy smiled as soon as she saw him. She expected to see Aki trailing behind him but he was alone.

Eto also smiled hesitantly, and gave her the flowers. Ivy paused for a moment before accepting it.

"Thank you, " she mumbled.

"Sorry, there was an old woman who was selling it on the street so I kind of just buy it. I don't know where to place so I bring it here."

It was a lie, of course.

He stopped by at a flower shop and specifically asked them to arrange a pink and blue bouquet of roses. He often see Ivy wearing clothes in those shades so he thought that she must like those colors.

Ivy placed it on the table beside her. Eto sat on one of the chairs.

"How do you feel now?"

"Oh I feel better, " she was lying on the bed,

"Mr. Iguchi, I won't beat around the bush. I want you to stop seeing my wife."

Eto put his cup down, a small smile formed on his lips, and looked at Hiro, who met his gaze equally.

"What if I don't want to?"

Hiro took out his sunglasses, a menacing look on his eyes as he leaned on the table. His voice was low and cold.

"You don't want the media to know how your reckless driver hit my wife, and you kept her hidden in your house for more than a month. I wonder if your driver could ever live a life, and your career will be jeopardized. Are you prepared for that?"

Eto clenched his fist. He knows that Hiro could really do it if he wants to.

"Aki can see her of course, " Hiro stated after.

Eto calmed himself. He casually took out his seal, inside the case that Ivy gave him. It caught Hiro's attention.

"Did you know that Ivy gave this to me?" Eto said indifferently. As expected, Hiro's eyes flashed with jealousy.

But he contained it. He won't allow this man to step on his ego.

"So? She gave me herself, and a child. I won't mind her giving small tokens to strangers."

They held each other's eyes for a long time, until Eto lowered his gaze. In this kind of story, the one with the legal claim always wins. He sighed.

"I promise to stay away from her, Mr. Yamamoto. But not Aki, the child would be so heartbroken." Like me.

Hiro nodded, he was not that cruel especially to children. Besides, he is fond of Aki.

"But again, treasure her Mr. Yamamoto, as I said before." Eto's tone was serious.

"You won't have a chance, Mr. Senator." Hiro snapped at him.

They finished their coffee, and left. Yano paid for it from his wallet. He went out with a sour look.

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