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   Chapter 35 The doctor’s mistake

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Shin took Hiro to three different centers for the DNA test. Ivy came with them. After that, Hiro drove them both to the old house, and he went to the office. He has a lot of things to do today.

They will need to wait for two weeks for the paternity test results to arrive.

It was a very long wait for Ivy. The stress of waiting take a toll on her body. On the 10th day, she collapsed while preparing a breakfast for Hiro.

Hiro took her to the hospital, and fortunately, the baby in her womb was safe, but she has to stay for another day in the hospital for observation. Hiro stayed the night with her in the hospital, sitting on the sofa near her bed.

When Ivy woke up in the middle of the night, she found him slouching on the sofa. She smiled amidst the exhaustion she was feeling. She wondered when will everything be back to normal.

Eto and Aki arrived at the hospital early on the 2nd day. They brought some fruits and flowers for her.

"Are you ok, Ivy?" Aki asked, the child was sitting on a high chair beside her bed.

Eto started to peel an apple and gave it to Aki. The child, being sensitive and smart as ever, feed the apple to Ivy.

Ivy was hesitant to eat it for two reasons. First, it would seem like Eto Iguchi is the one feeding her the apple, and second, Hiro was staring at her with a sour face. But she did not want to embarrass the child so she opened her mouth to eat it.

She can handle Hiro's wrath later.

When she finished eating the whole apple, Eto began to peel a 'mikan'. Hiro could not control himself anymore. He stood up and went on the other side of Ivy.

"Ivy cannot eat citrus fruits now, " he said calmly, smiled to Aki, "why don't you eat it little boy? It is good for you."

Aki is a smart boy. He knows that his plan to let Eto get closer to Ivy through him has failed. He ate the peeled 'mikan'.

Hiro did not like the idea of having Eto Iguchi in the room with Ivy, but he cannot say it with Aki in his arms. He don't know but he felt drawn to the child as well.

Eto and Aki stayed for about 2 hours until they decided to go. The two men just nodded at each other, while Aki gave Hiro a nice smile, and it made him happy.

When Yukio, Mita and Shin arrived, Hiro went to his office. He has some pressing matters to attend to anyway, as he received a call from Yano.

"What's the matter?" Hiro asked a soon as he saw Yano standing to greet him. They entered his office.

"Boss, a doctor Ishimura has been calling constantly since this morning. He said he has a very important matter to discuss with you."

Hiro stiffened on his chair.

Dr. Ishimura is the fertility doctor that he has been consulting with. What's the matter? He told them he doesn't want anybody knowing that he was going in that clinic.

His eyebrows were almost knitted together. He has a bad feeling about this.

"What else did he tell you?"

He must be smart enough not to divulge any information to Yano.

"He was just adamant that you call him back as soon as possible. He did not say anything else. I presumed that it was important so I informed you right away."

Hiro nodded. It is indeed important. But he can't tell it to anyone.



"Are you sick?"

Hiro arched one eyebrow at him, putting on an angry expression.

"Do I look like sick to you?"

His tone made Yano regret his decision to ask him.

"Sorry boss, "

He was just worried.

"Yano, don't mention anything about that call to anybody, understood?"

Yano nodded, he became curious. But he knows well than to let his curiosity get the better of him.

After Yano left the office, Hiro called the doctor's private phone number.

"This is Hiro Yamamoto, " he said as soon as the phone call was connected.

"Mr. Yamamoto!" he recognized the anxiety on the doctor's voice. "We have to meet in person."

Hiro felt the urgency in the doctor's voice, and he looked at his calendar. He can go there this afternoon. After he told the doctor that he would just go there, the doctor requested if they can meet somewhere else more private than his clinic.

It made Hiro hesitant. There must be something wrong. He suggested the restaurant where he took Ivy before. They decided to meet at 4PM.

Hiro arrived in the restaurant 15 minutes earlier and went straight to the 11th floor. It was the same room where they had a dinner date. His mind went back to the time that they were trapped in the elevator, at his own plan, and almost made love to he

r then.

It was exactly 4PM when the door opened, and the doctor with a female assistant arrived. Hiro gestured for the footman to leave the three of them alone. They were not here to dine after all.

Hiro could sense that something is wrong with the doctor. He looked uneasy, but was trying to put on a calm demeanor.

Meanwhile, the female assistant looked obviously afraid. Her hands are shaking in front of her as her fingers fidgeted continuously. She was holding some folders in front of her, and avoided Hiro's eyes at all.

She was as scared as a rabbit to a cat.

He gestured for them to sit down. The doctor thanked him, and had to pull the assistant's sleeve for her to sit down.

Hiro clasped his hands under his chin on the table. His gaze was calm but dangerous, he could tell easily that something is amiss. He does not want to be kept waiting and guessing.

"Tell me straight away what is wrong."

The doctor swallowed his saliva. He took off his eyeglass, and massaged his temples. He look straight at Hiro, his expression was asking for understanding from him.

It made Hiro all the more annoyed. But he waited for him to talk.

"Mr. Yamamoto, we made a grave mistake. Before we tell you, we are humbly apologizing to you from the depths of our hearts."

The doctor and the assistant then knelt in front of him, and bowed their heads. It was the deepest form of respect and apology in Japanese custom.

Hiro stood up in surprise, it was the first time that somebody bowed to him in this manner. It made him uncomfortable.

"Please lift your heads up, " Hiro said. "Tell me what's wrong."

The doctor lifted his head, but he remained kneeling. The assistant kept his head bowed, she was shaking in fear and repentance.

The doctor handed him the folders. As Hiro took it and opened it, he understood immediately what was wrong.

It was a folder with his name, Hiro Yamamoto, and another folder that is almost similar to his name, Hirota Yamamoto.

"My assistant made a mistake of putting Mr. Hirota's results on your folder. When I did a thorough check yesterday, only then that I noticed the mistake. You and Mr. Hirota came on the same day, but Mr. Hirota came earlier than you." The doctor stopped talking for a while, catching his breath.

"Your real results indicate that you don't have any problem at all, Mr. Yamamoto. Please forgive us!" The doctor bowed to him again.

"Please forgive us!" The assistant also said.

Hiro could not believe his eyes, and his ears. His eyes was clouded with different emotions. He could not see them anymore in front of him. His mind is somewhere out in the room.

He is not impotent.

There is no problem with him.

He could make her pregnant after all.

Ivy's tear-streaked face flashed in his mind. He made her suffer from his doubts because of this wrong result. Hiro was anguished, he became so angry at himself for doubting her. He needs to release his anger.

The table flew hard up to the edge of the room.

The doctor found himself lifted through his collar, looking at the angry eyes of Hiro.

"Almost 3 years, you made me doubt my ability as a man for almost 3 years!" he was shouting at the doctor's face, "Did you know what happened to me and my wife because of your stupid mistake? My marriage was compromised!" He threw the doctor who landed on his back with a thud at the floor.

"I could kill you now!"

Hiro was shouting like a madman. He wanted to cry, in both agony and joy. His eyes were blazing red.

How could he be so foolish to even doubt her? He should have asked for a second opinion. It was his own arrogance that made this happen.

The assistant was crying, too frightened to even lift her head. Hiro was so angry, but he could not bring himself to hurt the woman assistant, so all his attention was focused on the doctor.

He walked towards the doctor, who again knelt and bowed his head at him.

"Please forgive us, Mr. Yamamoto!" The doctor knew it was his responsibility after all. "We cannot take back the mistake that we did. That is why in order for you to forgive use, I will quit being a doctor from now on. I will never practice my profession again, I promise."

Hiro stopped in his tracks, looking at the two who kept their heads bowed while saying 'please forgive us.'

He calmed himself.

"It won't be enough to pay for the sufferings you have caused me and my family. I will see to it that both of you could never work again anywhere."

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