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   Chapter 34 Aki’s mother

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As promised, Hiro drove Ivy to the old house. It was almost an hour drive away from them, and even though they left early, they were caught up in the traffic jam. He kept on glancing secretly at her. She was looking at the window.

What's on her mind right now?

Ivy has been silent along the way. She does not know what to talk about. Though she was able to come back but, it seems that their relationship has not. At least they are together, and Hiro has not locked her up anymore.

Hiro only stopped in front of the gate. When Ivy was about to go, he stopped her by holding her hand. She looked at him curiously.

"I will pick you up later. Wait for me."

She nodded, and he let her go. She was waiting for him to go before she entered the gate but he was not driving. After a while, he rolled the window down.

"You go in first."

She nodded, "Thank you. Take care."

Her words warmed his heart, but he kept his expression blank. He drove away as soon as he saw the butlers approaching her.

As Ivy was met by the butlers, she smiled to them. The door opened, and Shin came running to her.


She hugged the boy. She felt like she haven't seen him for a long time.

"Did you just grow taller, Shin?" she asked afterwards, carefully looking at him.

Shin shrugged, he has not monitored his height. Although his grandparents are really nice to him, he did not want to trouble them by asking them other things than what they are already doing for him.

Yukio spread his hands upon seeing Ivy, and she embraced her father. She also embraced Mita afterwards. She could feel that Mita was somehow distant to her.

Ivy ignored it.

She suddenly miss Sachie, who went to the US for her studies.

Shin wanted to play with her, and she gladly followed him around.


In the Iguchi household, Eto and Aki sat patiently at the living room. They were waiting for Eto's parents to arrive. They wanted to visit him and their grandson.

Aki looked impatiently at Eto, and Eto patted the boy's head.

"Don't be impatient, Aki. Patience is a virtue." He reminded him.

Since Aki does not have a mother to teach him the core values, Eto has to be the one to do it. The child nodded and wiped the impatient look on his face. Just then, the door opened and the two elderly grandparents entered, followed by a staff.

Eto bowed in respect, and Aki followed suit.

"Father, Mother, "

"Grandfather, Grandmother"

Risa Iguchi smiled at her grandson, she knelt near Aki and hugged h

that Hiro is her legal husband, but he felt a pang of jealousy in his chest knowing that Hiro was in the same bed with her.

"I see. Thank you Mr. Yamamoto."

Eto hang up his phone. At Aki's questioning look, he told him that Ivy was taking a bath.

Hiro frowned. Why is it that Eto Iguchi have to be the first one to speak on the phone? He will tell Ivy to let the child call her directly next time.

As Ivy emerged from the bathroom with just the towel wrapped in her body, she was surprised to find Hiro sitting on the bed. She walked casually to the dresser to dry her hair.

"Eto Iguchi called, he said Aki wants to talk with you."

She turned to him, waited for him to give her the phone. But he did not. He remained seated on the bed casually, waiting for her to take the phone which was on the bed near him.

She walked towards him with a sullen look. Hiro found it cute.

As she took the phone, he held her on her wrist. Their eyes met. Hiro's gaze travelled to the cleavage that was exposed from the towel, and to her legs. He felt a familiar stirring of desire on his lower half.

"Let me talk to him, Hiro."

He let her go. Murmuring something inaudible.

As she dialed the number, she heard Aki's voice. They talked for about 5 minutes until the child bid her goodnight. Ivy put the phone on the dresser and began to dry her hair. Hiro was watching her silently.

Finally he stood.

"I will take Shin for testing tomorrow. You wanna come?"

Ivy stopped for a moment. Then she nodded silently. As she felt him walked towards the door, she turned to him, "Goodnight Hiro, " I love you!

"Goodnight Ivy."

He locked the door afterwards.

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