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   Chapter 33 Who signed the divorce paper

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That night, Hiro decided to stay again at his office. Ivy miss him. As she lay on her bed alone, she realized that she has been longing for him. But what can she do? It's not like she can rape him.

Her cheeks burned at the thought.

She has to bear this, until everything is clear. She believes that Hiro will come to trust her again, and their lives would be back to normal.

She knows that he stays in his office. She wondered if he still hates her that much, that he cannot bear to sleep on the same house with her.

But he always go home in the afternoon for dinner.

Just checking on her?

She decided to send him a message.

Hiro was at the ship with Kaname and Yousuke. When his phone vibrated, he suppressed any emotion on his face, knowing that the two bullies are watching the movement of every muscle on his face.

'I hope you are ok. May I go out tomorrow?'

Why do I feel like a teenager?

He typed in a reply, 'I'm ok, where?'

He tried to be as curt and formal to her as possible. Kaname tried to look at his phone.

"Ivy is now checking up on you, huh? So how is it? Did you make up already?" Kaname was bantering.

Yousuke shook his head.

'I want to visit Father, and Shin.'

He frowned at the mention of the child. He forgot that he agreed to have another paternity test with Shin. He has to do it soon. This problem has been dragging on for too long.

'Ok', was his reply. Then he put the phone back in his pocket.

"Now he is ignoring us, " Kaname said, until Hiro pushed him away in a friendly manner.

"Don't come too close, damn. You reek of alcohol."

"Hey! Look who's talking."

Hiro ignored Kaname. He is not in the mood to drink tonight, he just want their company.

"So you are together again." Yousuke stated, not that he minds of course. When they learned that Ivy has returned, and found out that it was Senator Iguchi who kept her, they were happy for Hiro.

Hiro was like a walking dead when Ivy disappeared. He performed all his duties as best as ever, but they could tell that he was shallow inside. Unknown to Hiro, the two also did their own investigation about Ivy's disappearance. They also came up empty handed.

No wonder, they were up against a senator.

"Hiro, did you ask her about what really happened?"

"Ivy believes that Shin is mine. She wants us to perform another paternity test."

Yousuke and Kaname checked on the DNA testing center, they found them clean. They looked at each other.

"This time, I plan to have the test done simultaneously at different testing centers." Hiro announced, and the two nodded in unison. "She is also pregnant now."

Kaname choked on his whiskey. Then his laughter rang in the bar.

"I can't believe you Hiro. You were so angry at her, then you made her pregnant again?" He tapped Hiro hard

e went to his room. As he realized that most of his stuff were in Ivy's room, he let out an exasperated sigh.

He went to the kitchen to get a warm glass of milk. He stayed in there, thinking who could have put the divorce paper on her table with her seal on it.

When they were investigating about her disappearance, he found her seal on the trash can outside the house. He took it with him, hoping to find the clue about who would take it and why trash it after.

He kept Ivy's seal with him, in a clean plastic. He will have to ask Yano to run a fingerprint test on it then. He began to think that somebody in the house could be involved.

But who? Aside from the two of them, there are only three people in the house.

Lira, who has been with him since he was a little boy. She volunteered to go with them when they moved, as she said that Hiro is like her own son already. She does everything in the house from cleaning to laundry and cooking. Of course, Ivy help her whenever she feels like it.

The gardener, who handles everything outside the house and only comes inside to eat, plus the gardener goes to his own house every afternoon. There is no way he would do something in broad daylight, won't he?

The butler. The butler never sets foot inside the house. Because Hiro employed him from the police force, he is not an ordinary butler. He also served as the security guard, and he sleeps in his own little house that is constructed specifically for him at the backyard. It has all the basic amenities for him.

Then who could have set Ivy up to make Hiro believed that she willingly left the house and meant to divorce him?

Someone who does not want them to be together.

Ivy could be in danger if I leave her here all alone.

He decided to stay there for the night. Tomorrow, he will ask Yano to install more hidden cameras in and out of the house.

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