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   Chapter 32 The truth behind the photos

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"Before you get angry and tell me again that this is not your child, please listen to me first." Ivy stood up as well as she saw Hiro stood, almost ready to walk towards her, with a menacing look on his face.

Hiro stopped in his tracks. Only one thread is keeping his patience at hold.

At his silence, Ivy thought it her cue to explain.

"I am pregnant for 2 months. If you count the days on the conception, this child was made when.." she hesitated momentarily.

He will misunderstand you again if you don't hurry up, Ivy!

"This child was made when you were angry at me." She added.

She watched for his expression. It remained unchanged.

"There was no chance for me to cheat on you again as you kept me locked and tied here!"

Still, no reaction. Ivy almost felt furious. What else could she tell him that will erase the doubts in his mind?

"Ivy, " his voice was calmer than she thought it should be.

"I will take your words this time." Ivy smiled, "But we will undergo a paternity test for the child as soon as you gave birth."

Her smile faded. He still don't believe her, he don't trust her, after all.

It made her sad.

At her expression, Hiro wondered what else could he do. Ivy has no idea that he has been consulting with a fertility expert, and his chance to make her pregnant naturally was almost near zero. The doctor told him that they can perform an intracytoplasmic sperm injection which is the only way he recommended for them to have a baby.

Then, here she is, pregnant again.

How can he make her understand where his anxiety is coming from?

Why don't you just tell her that you are sick?

She might leave me for good.

He would never allow it.

As he reached out to her, Ivy did not resist him. He felt good. He had never felt this good in a long time. The warm body of the woman he loves is finally here again.

Ivy has no idea how many times he cursed himself when she left, and they could not find her.

Then, Ivy remembered Shin.

"Hiro, wait."

Everything must be clear.

"What?" he got irritated at her cutting his sweet reverie.

"How about Shin?"

At the mention of the child's name, Hiro frowned at her.

"Ivy, don't push your luck." He warned. "The child that you're carrying now, I will wait until it is born before I decide. With your fist child, we shall wait for a new paternity test result."

"Then?" She has to know.

"If he is my child, I will kneel in front of you and apologize to you until you forgive me, I will take him back to his house and we will all live together."

It sounded fair enough to Ivy. She has no worries that a new paternity test will confirm that Shin is his child, as with this new baby in her womb.

"But if he is not

could still see her move around the kitchen.

He feels nostalgic. It has been a long time since she cooked something for him. He found himself already hungry.

At last, they sat on the opposite side of the table. When they finished saying 'itadakimasu' (Japanese custom, it's like thanking the person who prepared the food), Ivy took a chopstick and held it for him.

He looked at her for a moment and took it from her.

He murmured, "thank you."

She smiled and began to eat with gusto.

When they were almost finished, Hiro remembered the photos in his suit. He took them out and showed it to her. He was watching her face intently.

"Why do you have these?" She has a confused expression on her face as she looked at them one by one.

No guilt at all! Hiro calmed himself.

"That is not the issue here, Ivy. I want to know if those photos are real. And who is that man?"

Yano was not able to find any clue about the photos.

"Oh, these were the photos during our club's play." She replied nonchalantly. "Did you remember when we were newly married? I was always late going home because we were practicing for that play. I portrayed as the mistress of the main character, who was a King. This man is him, I forgot his name already. But he was part of the theater club. " she continued to browse through the photos.

"These were the times we were discussing our roles, you know, trying to imagine our characters." She frowned.

"However, it looks like some of these photos were edited. Coz in here it looks like there's only the two of us. But it wasn't like that. There were always other people with us, those who were in the club."

Hiro could not move from his chair. From her long explanation, he can draw his conclusion. The photos are real, but she was innocent.

He was a complete asshole.

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