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   Chapter 31 Did she cheat on me again

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As they entered the living room, Eto cast a glance around. He did not expect that the Hiro Yamamoto he knows would live in a simple house like this. With his wealth, this house could be just one of his staff's.

He admired him secretly. So, he is indeed a man who is worthy to be reckoned with.

Ivy also looked around the house. She feels nostalgic. The house that she and Hiro spent many of their wonderful memories. She bit her lower lip.

This is not the time to be too emotional. Be brave and calm yourself.

Aki was seated like a good boy next to Eto, while Ivy sat on the opposite sofa. Aki suddenly went to Ivy's side and hugged her. Eto and Ivy smiled knowingly, understanding the boy's action.

It was the moment that Hiro opened the door.

His eyes instantly saw her, smiling to another man, inside his house. His fists clenched on his side, but his heart was saying otherwise.


He wanted to hold her that instant. Take her into his arms to make sure that she is there, really there. There is no way she would understand how he feels right now.


His deep voice reverberated through the spacious living room. Three pairs of eyes looked at the walking Hiro.

In Ivy's eyes, he looked as dashing as ever, although she can tell that he lost some weight. The stubbles on his chin made him look all the more sexier though.

Eto realized one thing then. Hiro is a different person in front of Ivy. The few times he met him in the senate or when they were in school long time ago, he always had a cold expression on him and an aura indicating that he does not care about anything, or anybody. Now, Hiro looks both angry, elated, and his emotions are all over the place.

Aki looked questionably at the man approaching them, Ivy in particular. In his young mind, he thought that this man is the person who always made Ivy cry. Does he like her as much as she does?

Ivy was torn between going to him to hug him or just stay and wait for him to come to her. She is not sure how to react with him, after all. In the end, she stayed rooted to where she was standing. She met Hiro's heated gaze which never left her face.

"Mr. Yamamoto, " Eto's voice was calm and deep, and it made Hiro stopped in his tracks a few feet away from her.

He turned and for the first time, realized that Ivy was not alone. He met the man's eyes. He smirked.

"Why, isn't it Mr. Senator." Hiro turned to face him. Now, he has an inkling why it was so hard for him to find her.

Was it Eto Iguchi who kept her for the past months? What for?

His eyes were scrutinizing Eto's expression. As calm as always. Hiro does not like him at all. For Eto Iguchi was known as a very calculating and shrewd politician, just like him as a businessman.

They are on the same side of the magnet.

"What brings yo

iro's frown at her. She knows that he expected her to sit beside him. But knowing Hiro, he might just grab her anytime.

It is better to keep my distance, she thought.

"Hiro, everything was a misunderstanding." She said. "I never cheated on you, I swear. Even if a lightning strike me this instant if I'm lying then so be it." She was watching for his reaction, but his face was masked, "I cannot explain to you the paternity test, but Shin is my child, so he has to be your child, too."

At his arched eyebrow, she hurriedly added, "Why don't we repeat the paternity test with a different company? There must be some form of mistake on it." She thought about it for a long time, and that is the only reason she can come up with.

Hiro pondered on this. He nodded. Then waited for her to continue, until he remembered something.

"Tell me Ivy, on that day that you went out of the house, why did you go out?"

"I received a call that Shin has an accident. The caller said he is your assistant and just told me to come out of the house and that you would be waiting for me on the parking across the traffic light. He also told me not to bring anything with me. But I was hit by a car."

He nodded. It matched. Then he frowned.

She was told not to bring anything?

"Didn't you take your seal with you?"


He was silent for a moment. There is one lose thread here that he needs to find out. Somebody was plotting something against him. He sighed deeply.

"Is that everything you have to say to me?"

Ivy swallowed her saliva. She has saved the best for last, or the worst? She is not sure how would Hiro react to the news that he would be a father again soon.

She smiled nervously, fidgeted her fingers.

"Hiro, I have another thing to say, "

"What is it."

"I am pregnant."

It sounded like a bomb to Hiro.

She has cheated on him again?

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