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   Chapter 30 His treasure

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That day was too short for Eto. Although it was Sunday, they have to gather for a special session. The first session finished just a few minutes before lunch. They had lunch at a nearby restaurant. After that another session on public transportation safety was held. There, he saw Kaname Hill, one of the big guys in the transport industry, representing the YY group of companies.

At least, Hiro Yamamoto did not come. He would have lost his focus if he did.

At 4 PM, the session ended. He went to his office to review some documents that need his approval.

The next time he looked at his watch, it was 10 minutes past 5PM.

He put his seal back to its pouch, attached to a lock that is fastened to his inner pocket. In Japan, a seal is as important as your life. Especially for a politician like him.

If somebody took his seal and used it to approve a project that has not underwent the proper procedure, it could mean the end of his career.

He then asked his secretary for a coffee. As he gradually sipped it, his thoughts wondered to what happened last night.

He felt embarrassed to behave like that in front of Ivy.

She must think lowly of me now.

As he looked at the ticking hand of the clock, he dreaded going home. Because it means he will have to let her go.

But she has to go. She belongs to somebody. She has a place she calls home.


Hiro was impatiently tapping his finger on his desk, as Yano was wiping his head from the beads of sweat. He continued his report.

At last, he finished. Hiro stood up, walked towards the bar. Yano silently uttered a prayer that his boss won't smash the liquor on the bar. He just ordered them all last week.

"You mean to say that you have finished checking the list of people who bought the tickets, but could not find anybody who knows her?"

His voice was cold and calm as the sea.

"Yes boss."

Yano braced himself for the tsunami.

But the tsunami did not arrive.

Yano looked surprised when Hiro went to poured himself a glass of wine. Then he took another glass, poured wine on it and handles it to Yano. Yano blinked, is he dreaming?

As he saw the impatient look on Hiro, he hurriedly took the glass, thanked him, and gulped it down in one shot. He coughed hard.

Hiro sat back on his chair, put his hands clasped under his chin, his face unreadable.

It could only mean one thing.

"Yano, on that list, did you find my name on it?"

"No boss."

Of course. Hiro thought. It must be that.

All VIP's names are withheld as confidential information. Maybe, Ivy came there with a VIP.

But why was she seating among the ordinary crowd? Something does not add up.

A VIP who does not want to

harply and lowered his eyes, afraid that it would show his true emotion.

"Thank you, " he murmured softly. The first gift he ever received from a female.

Ivy also smiled, and she took out another small thing from her pocket.

"This is for you, Aki, "

She gave him the same thing, just different color. The little boy accepted it merrily.

"When you are old enough, promise me that you will use it, ok?"

"Yes Ivy, " he beamed at her, the sadness in his eyes faded.

Ah, if only I could keep her for Aki.

Eto turned his face to the window. If he keep on looking at her face, he might end up dreaming about her later on.

After several minutes, the car stopped on the parking across the street. The three of them walked holding hands, with Aki at the middle. Some people on the street glanced their way.

What a lovely family, they thought.

Eto thought so, too. As he took in Aki's happy expression while holding both his and Ivy's hands. Ivy was also smiling at him.

Why didn't I met her first?

They stopped in front of the house. Ivy felt her heart beating faster. She glanced at the house, the gift from Hiro.

She knows that the gate would automatically open once she pressed her finger on it. It did. They entered the spacious law.

Still well-kept. The flowers and the shrubs were growing beautifully, especially the maple trees that has already changed its color with the season.

It's going to be winter again, she thought. She pressed on the doorbell, and after a while, it opened.

Lira gasped as she saw Ivy.

"My lady!"

Her face showed an expression of surprise and happiness. Ivy was smiling, and she looked better. Lira still remembered how pitiful she was a few months ago, and now she came back looking lovely as ever.

Why did she came back?

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