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   Chapter 29 Eto’s dilemma

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As Hiro and Yano re-played the footage of the game in his office, Hiro was at his full concentration. Yano saw his eyes never wavered when the camera would round to the audience.


Yano almost jumped from his chair when Hiro suddenly ordered him to stop. He paused the video.

"Rewind it a little and play it in slow motion." Hiro walked closely to the monitor.

Yano did as he was told. He also paid attention to the monitor.

There, they saw the camera caught a woman, wearing a dark sunglasses and wide brim hat. As the camera moved to her right, a breeze made her hat moved, and a part of her face was exposed.

It looked like Ivy.

Hiro felt his time freezes. He motioned for Yano to stop the video, where her face was exposed to the camera.

It was indeed her.

Though her eyes were covered with the sunglasses, Hiro could not have been mistaken with her facial features.

The face that he loved so well. Those lips that he had kissed so many times.

It was definitely her.

He felt a rush of adrenalin on his body as he looked with bright eyes to Yano.

"Yano, I want a full list of everybody who bought a ticket to that game. Make it fast."

"Yes boss."

Hiro went home that night, his heart is filled with renewed warmth as he finally made sure that Ivy is still alive. His gut feel was right all along. He never believed that she died.

He went inside their room. Since she was gone, he began to sleep again back to their room. He moved all his things back there again, so he would not forget her.

In his mind, he knows that she cheated on him. But his love for her was stronger than his ego.

When he saw the accident, and they started searching for her, he decided to forgive her, as long as she stays alive and live with him again. And he would make sure that she cannot cheat on him again.

He realized that he would not want to live without her, ever.

He opened her drawers, and took her photo albums. He opened them one by one, looking through all their memories.

How he miss her!


In the Iguchi household, Eto was drinking alcohol in the bar. He is contemplating about Aki's words. Aki is growing up smarter every day. Since he was a young boy and Eto told him about his mother, he accepted it like a real man.

He remembered how Aki's eyes welled with tears, but he suppressed it finally, and said, 'I hope she rests peacefully'.

Now, the boy wants to have a mother. And he finally accepted somebody after many choices.

But how could he give him what he wants?

I want Ivy to be my mother.

It was the first time that Aki was so serious about his request. It seems that he r

er bothered to get married. A man as handsome and rich as him won't have any difficulty in securing a bride. In Japan, taking part in some marriage matching is common, so she finds it unbelievable that he is single.

Maybe he is so picky, and have high standards.


Eto felt the warm, moist towel on his face. He watched Ivy's face under half-closed lids. He noticed how her cheeks turned red when he was undressing him with his shirt. He felt good.

At least, he could affect her in some way. She was not immune to him, after all.

As her hands moved to her neck with the towel, he caught her hands.

She looked at him surprisingly, her eyes a bit widened. As if she was caught doing something she is not supposed to do.

"Mr. Iguchi, I.."

"Shhhh, "

He silenced her with his finger on her lips.

What soft lips she have, he wondered how she would taste like.

They stared at each other's eyes. Eto felt the rising of his desire within him and he pulled her to him.

Ivy was so surprised at his action. She tried to get up, and put both of her hands against his bare chest. She felt shy at their position.

As she tried to get up, her face was caught in his hands. Her eyes widened in alarm as she saw his face almost just an inch away from her.

"Mr. Iguchi!"

Her angry voice jolted Eto back to reality. As he looked at the flustered woman in his arms, he felt like a fool. He became sober all of a sudden and tried to sit up.

"I am sorry Ivy, " he apologized quickly, massaging his temples.

Ivy straightened her clothes, her heart was beating faster. The rise and fall of her chest made her look more delectable, Eto thought.

"I will go back to my room. Have a goodnight, Mr. Iguchi." She announced calmly, and left the room.

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