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   Chapter 28 I want Ivy

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Hiro could not believe his eyes. He stood up suddenly from his chair, dumbfounded. Is his eyes playing trick on him?


From his special seat at the VIP lounge, he saw her smiling face among the crowd. She was wearing a dark sunglasses and wide brimmed hat, but his eyes could not be mistaken.

It was definitely her.

He went out of the VIP room and almost ran frantically in her direction. Yano was surprised when Hiro bolted out of the room just when the match has just finished, but he followed him. When Hiro arrived there, she was gone.

The seat where she was sitting is now empty.

Hiro's heart was beating faster, he felt that his blood has ran up to his head. His eyes roamed around the crowd, trying to find her.

How could she disappear so quickly?

Was she just an apparition?

To torment him more?

He cursed. After several minutes of walking through the crowd, desperately looking through all who could look like her, he went back to the VIP lounge.

Yano was speechless as he observed his boss, frantically searching through the crowd for something, or somebody? As he was so focused on watching the match, he did not notice anybody suspicious.

Wait. The only one that could make his boss act so rashly is his lady boss.

Did he saw her among the crowd?

Her ghost?

Yano shivered at the thought, offering a silent prayer to let her spirit rests calmly.

After more than one month of being lost without a trace, Hiro ordered him to stop looking for her. But as his assistant, he knows that Hiro never stopped looking for her, every day.

He would go back to the area where she was hit by the car. He will then walk around, and would ask random people if they see somebody who looked like her, showing them her picture. He would do it every day for an hour before he goes home.

Yano felt his respect to Hiro deepened, as he realized how much he really loved his wife. But he pitied him, as he realized it too late. She is now gone.

Who would survive that impact? Yano thought even if Ivy survived, she would have been paralyzed.

At the VIP lounge, Hiro sat silently, his hands clasped under his chin. He then motioned for Yano to come over, "Request the manager to turn over the video footage of the whole game to us."

Yano silently nodded, and went over to the manager's room. After a couple of minutes, he had the memory card on him.

"Let's go, " Hiro said.


On the Iguchi household, Ivy listened attentively to the doctor, for she could not believe her ears.

She is pregnant for 2months. No wonder her period never came since she stayed in the Iguchi house.

She counted the days, it seems like it happened during the times that Hiro was punishing her. She smiled bitterly. This baby was made

's arms. He knows that Eto is not his real father. When he was old enough to speak and ask questions, Eto told him already that he is not his son. Aki is a smart boy, too smart for his age.

When he turned 2 years old, Eto began to look for a mother figure for him. Aki met 5 women, all of them pretended to be nice to him. But they were all monsters when Eto was not looking.

Fortunately, Eto let Aki choose who is going to be his mother.

"Why are you here, big boy? You should be sleeping in your room." Eto patted his head, as they sat on the bed.

"Father, I finally meet my mother to be." Aki said without further ado.

Eto chuckled at his son's words.

"And who might that be? I haven't introduced any woman to you recently right?"



"I want Ivy to be my mother." Aki said, his countenance was so serious, "Please Father, make Ivy my mother."

Eto was flabbergasted at his words. But he could not laugh at Aki's words, for the child was looking at him straight in his eyes.

He touched his hand, and played for it for a while.

"Aki, Ivy is married. She even has her own son, like you. And now she is going to have another child with her husband. We cannot take her away from her own family, you know".

As Eto was explaining it to Aki, the child knitted his thick eyebrows, looking as formidable for the first time.

"But her family does not like her."

Eto frowned at him.

"How can you say that?"

"If her family likes her, why is it that nobody looked for her? Besides, I often saw her crying when she was alone. She is not happy with her family. If she is not happy with them, we should just take her with us. She smiles a lot when she is with us."

The innocent look in Aki made Eto realized that he is still talking with a child. How could a child analyze her situation this much?

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