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   Chapter 27 The baseball match

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Eto Iguchi finished all he has to do that afternoon. As he looked at his watch, it was only a few minutes passed 5PM. He decided to visit the address that Ivy told him is her house.

As he asked his driver to drive slowly, he saw a 2-storey house that is painted in light beige. From the looks of it, Ivy's family must be rich. The lawn was quite huge, and he managed to see two luxury cars parked on the garage.

So, she won't have a hard time continuing her rehabilitation, he thought.

He then asked the driver to go.

In that instant, a woman emerged from the house. A beautiful, sensual and gorgeous woman in her early 30s, he supposed. She seemed angry at somebody as she was cursing loudly, although he can't hear from the car.

He asked the driver to wait.

Then, a man emerged from the house too. Being a politician, Eto Iguchi at least know the most influential people in the country. He saw Hiro Yamamoto, who belongs to the same baseball club with him when he was in high school, and Hiro Yamamoto was then a freshman in Junior High School.

Is he Ivy's husband?

He then remembered how Ivy's eyes were the first time she opened them. There was no life in there.

Did Hiro treat her bad? Was she happy being with him?

As he watched closely, he saw how Hiro and the lady was saying something to each other. Until the lady stomped her foot, and Hiro walked past her, entered one of the car and left the house. The woman was left there fuming with rage.

Eto surmised that the woman must have been trying to seduce Hiro, but Hiro did not mind her. Well, at least Hiro Yamamoto has good taste when it comes to women.

It explains how Ivy must be his wife.

Eto motioned for the driver to go home. He is now having a headache.

If Hiro Yamamoto finds out that he was the one who kept Ivy for the past 6 weeks, he would give him problems. Hiro has been a supporter of his party, and he don't want to cross him, if possible.

What should he do?

Well, he has to face this like the man that he is. Accept Hiro's anger, because it is his right to do so. After all, he kept his wife away from him for too long.

Why didn't I try to learn about Ivy's family earlier?

At the Iguchi household, Ivy can now freely move both od her arms. And she can now walk without the cane, but slowly and gently.

She just finished shower, and was on her bathrobe as she remembered that she left the door at the back of the house open.

It was past 9PM, and they just finished their dinner earlier. She went out in the afternoon through the backdoor to do some walking,

young she must have married, he thought.

Ivy exclaimed her surprise at how crowded the baseball stadium was. Since Eto did not wish to be treated as a VIP that day, they sat normally along with the crowd.

It was a friendly exhibition match between the Giants and a local baseball team. Although Ivy has never been interested in baseball, she knows that Giants is a very famous team in Japan, as Hiro always tell her about it. It is his favorite team.

As expected, the Giants won. Eto and Aki kept on shouting and clapping their hearts' out during the match. Ivy couldn't help but admire the strong bond between them.

She also enjoyed the game, although she did not understand how a player gets a foul and how the score was tallied. It was her first time to be out of the Iguchi house, after all.

She suddenly felt something painful in her lower abdomen. It kicked into her in an instant, and before she knew it, she passed out.

Eto felt her go limp on his side, and when he turned to her direction, he realized that's he has lost consciousness.

He let go of Aki, and asked him to hold onto his shirt, while he carried Ivy away from the cheering crowd. He put her on the back seat and drove fast back to the house.

He called the doctor on his way and when they arrived, the doctor and nurses were already waiting in her room. They looked into her condition as soon as he put her on the bed.

Eto and Aki went down to the living room. As Aki watched his father put his two hands clasped together on his forehead, he smiled like an adult.

After almost half an hour, the doctor went out of Ivy's room. Eto stood up and looked at him expectantly.

The doctor smiled.

"She is pregnant. Two months."

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