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   Chapter 26 Eto Iguchi

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A month passed by so fast, Hiro was in his office, looking through all the documents that Kaname asked him to review. As he read through the papers and wrote comments as well, Kaname was silently observing him.

Hiro has been a changed man. Or more so, he reverted back to his old personality. Cold, arrogant, and calculating. Not that he could really blame him.

Hiro has been through the most difficult part of his life. His wife allegedly cheated on him, divorced him, then disappeared without a trace, and allegedly died. She left him a son, who is not his own.

Hiro denied to give her a funeral or burial of any sort. He reason out that a funeral or burial are only for the dead.

Ivy is not dead. She could not be dead.

Andrea went to Japan 2 weeks after she cannot contact Ivy anymore, she slapped Hiro hard. He accepted it as if it's a natural reaction from her. He promised her that he will do anything to find Ivy.

Yukio decided to keep Shin, for even though the child was not Hiro's, Ivy indeed gave birth to him. He is his grandson.

Kaname and Yousuke tried to introduce some beautiful ladies to Hiro, with nice background and all, but he refused to meet any of them. He said that he is too busy to be bothered.

Now, as he look at his best friend, Kaname believes that a man could indeed last without a woman, if his heart is already taken by another.

When would it happen to him?


In the Iguchi household, Ivy was finally able to move all her fingers completely. She can now walk, but still with a cane to support her. Her back also still has a support as her spine was severely fractured. However, thanks to the highly-advanced medical knowledge and facilities, she is almost back to normal.

That night, it was the first time that she would be able to eat with Eto and Aki together. For the past month, it was the nurse who kept on feeding her. There were times when Aki would visit her in her room, and will feed her some fruits with his small hands. She has grown too fond of the child. It reminded him of Shin.

She sat silently as she waited for the father and son. She has been living there but today is was also her first time to walk out of her own room.

She could understand it since she is an outsider, and might bring trouble to Eto if she would be discovered by any other people. Eto told her why he did not send her to a public hospital, he cannot risk the media knowing about her condition. So he requested for her not to go out of

"I see. Please give me a few days to finalize everything." He said, and glanced at Aki, who was keeping silent, playing with his dessert.

He tapped the boy's head, as if telling him that boys don't cry. Aki looked up at him, suppressing his tears.

That night, Aki insisted to sleep with her.

"Aki, don't trouble our guest." Eto said in a serious voice, as the child pursed his lips.

Ivy smiled at him, "It's alright, Mr. Iguchi. Aki reminds me of my own son so it won't be a burden for me at all."

As Aki smiled sheepishly at his father, Eto shook his head. He wondered when did Aki became stubborn all of a sudden.

Ivy read him a bedtime story about Snow White and the seven dwarfs. She has not yet finished the story when she felt the child go limp.

Already sleeping, she gently moved him to lie properly on her right side. She then took a big pillow and put it on his side, so he won't have a chance to fall down the floor if he moves.

As she looked at his sleeping face, she was reminded of Hiro.

How come she thinks about Hiro now?

She shook her head and went to the left side. She turned off the room's light but left the bedside table on. She then lay down on the bed, with her other arm hugging Aki.

Eto Iguchi slowly opened the door. The scene that he saw made him appreciate Ivy's presence. Because of the nature of his job, of his life, it is very seldom that he could cater to Aki's needs.

Maybe Aki needs a mother.

As he glanced at Ivy's solemn face, he wondered where he could find another woman that will take care of Aki like her own child. He gradually closed the door then and went back to his own room.

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