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   Chapter 25 For the first time

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Ivy opened her eyes, and she saw the white ceiling. It was too bright, she blinked several times until she adjusted to the brightness.

Where am I? she thought.

She glanced around the room, there was nobody there aside from herself. She saw that some tubes are attached to her hands and fingers. She inhaled sharply as a sting of pain coursed through her head from her feet as she tried to move.

Just then, the door opened. A lady in white entered, she appeared to be a nurse. She was speaking in Japanese, and Ivy understood that she was calling the doctor through the intercom on her collar.

In a matter of minutes, three people entered the room. One of them walked near her, checked the monitor attached to the tubes in her hands and fingers and wrote something on a pad paper.

Must be the doctor, she thought.

Ivy tried to remember what happened. She was supposed to cross the street when she suddenly felt an intense pain, and her consciousness faded. She did not remember anything anymore after that.

"How is she, doctor?"

A deep masculine voice asked from behind. He was one of the three persons who entered the room. He was wearing a dark blue suit, tall and prominent features. His face was more than handsome, he looks matured and very manly. He emanates a respectable and powerful aura, and looks like to be in his early forties.

"Everything looks ok, except the obvious fractures."

After discussing by themselves, three people who entered also went out. Ivy was left alone with one child, who was looking at her intently. It was a boy.

Ivy tried to look at him, he was still small, maybe around 2 or 3, and as he looked at her in the eyes, she felt drawn to his cute face, and the dark brown eyes. What a lovely child.

"Aki, " the deep masculine voice was heard again. Ivy just closed her eyes, as she feels painful all over her body. She could also feel a splitting pain on her head.

"What are you doing?" the man asked.

"She is in pain." The cute little voice said.

The man walked near Ivy. Seeing her closed eyes, he pushed the button, and after a moment, a nurse came.

"She seems to be in so much pain."

The nurse nodded, she put something on her tubes, and after a few minutes, Ivy felt a bit relieved from the pain. The nurse left.

As she opened her eyes, the man with the masculine voice was looking at her face, she met his gaze too.

Who is he?


Iguchi Eto looked at the lady. He felt pity at her conditi

been almost 2 weeks since Ivy disappeared. He did everything in his power to look for her, not just in Tokyo but on the neighboring prefectures as well. However, as Yano said, it looks like she just disappeared into thin air.

No record of that accident was reported. The only evidence they have was the video footage. On the first few days, they searched all the hospitals and even smaller clinics for a lady who was brought from a vehicular accident on that date, but they did not find any.

Until Yano suggested that they should look into the morgue.

Hiro punched him straight on the face, left the place, and drink by himself until he fell asleep on the bar. Kaname and Yousuke went there to take him home, after receiving a call from the manager.

On the second week, Yano finished searching all the morgues, but no record of her was found. They were in a dead end.

As he reported everything to Hiro, he noticed that his boss has lost weight, and stubbles have grown on his face. He then realized that even though Hiro believed that she cheated on him, he still loved her that much.

Yukio visited him, together with Mita. They left Shin on the old house, as Hiro did not wish to see the child. Yukio was furious at Hiro, but upon seeing Hiro's condition, his anger dissipated. He could tell how much his son is also suffering.

Hiro stood up and went to the balcony. He remembered how he and Ivy used to sit there, while looking at the stars. How she would lean her soft, warm body on him, and how he will embrace her tightly, enjoying her sweet scent.

Where are you, Ivy?

For the first time, he let the tears fell on his cheeks.

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