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   Chapter 24 The missing body

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Several days passed, Hiro did everything he could think of to look for her, but it seems like she just disappeared to nowhere. The front camera at the house saw her walking out by herself, in a casual dress and flat shoes. She looked ok. As she went out of the gate, she was no longer caught in the camera. It happened a day before they all noticed that she was gone.

It made Hiro think that she indeed left on her own choice.

When he went through her phone, he saw many call logs. All of them came from Yukio and Andrea. He also read all her messages, and his heart wavered when she was reading her conversation with her mother.

On the day that he locked her up, "Mom, we are ok here. Hiro is taking care of me and our child really well. Please don't worry about us."

Her messages showed that she did not want Andrea to worry about her, never mentioning any problem between them.

The next day after he brought Angie home, "Hi Mom, how are you? I caught a flu, and it's quite bad. I sent Shin to Father so he won't catch it from me. I will let him talk with you once I am ok. Take care Mom, I love you."

After that, she has not had any messages sent to Andrea, although Andrea sent her a few messages. And tried to call her but she never seemed to answer. It explained the frequent call logs by Andrea. He decided to call his mother-in-law later.

Then he noticed a received call from an unknown caller on the morning that she left the house. The time of the call was made an hour before she left. It matched.

However, it seemed like the caller used a payphone, as Hiro was not able to dial it. He asked Yano to find out the location of the payphone. It was just from a few blocks away from their house.

Does it mean that somebody has been stalking her? Or them?

Hiro felt his phone vibrated on his pocket, he answered it.

"Speak, "

"Boss, I round them up."

It was Yano. Hiro felt that he is going to have a headache. He decided to continue looking for Ivy after he dealt with the problem at hand. He left the house and went to the address that Yano gave to him.

He arrived there in less than an hour.

At his dark and cold countenance, the people sitting on the room felt too cold as well, although beads of sweat can be seen from their foreheads.

Sitting there were Kaname, Yousuke, and four other business partners of Hiro. He felt enraged, they are his business partners, after all. Not his competitors!

They were Taoka Yuichi, Yamada Masatoshi, Harada Shinta, and Nagato Hirota. They were even in the business before Hiro became the CEO, aside from Nagato Hirota who was 5 years older than him, same age with Yano.

Hiro sat at the head table, put his hands under his chin, and looked intently at the four of them. The most veteran of them all, Yamada Masatoshi, was the

love story, he thought.

Upon the arrival of Hiro, Yano showed him the video footage. Hiro gripped the chair really tight when he saw the car hit Ivy. His heart almost popped out from his chest when he saw her body flew to the air and landed on the cemented road, a pool of blood was seen immediately.

He could not believe his eyes. Was it Ivy?

It was a joke, right?

He calmed himself, for there won't be no use of him losing his cool.

"Was it her?"

He asked.

"The recording on the house and the time that accident happened was perfectly matched. That lady's body built and her clothes also matched. However, we found something fishy, " as the police officer tried to have an element of excitement, he felt cold at Hiro's dark, piercing gaze.

It spelled danger, if he don't explain fast.

"We could not trace where that lady was taken into." He finally said, wiping the sweat on his forehead. "We have checked all the hospitals in the vicinity who accepted a female patient on that day but we were not able to find anybody who matched the description of your wife, or that lady in the video."

Hiro cursed, and the police officer flinched. Yano tapped his shoulder, and the young man went outside.

"Boss, we will check all the neighboring hospitals. We might find some clue."

"How about the ambulance?" Hiro was also thinking about other possible scenario.

"There was no ambulance."

"How come? Was it not seen on the footage that an ambulance came?"

Yano swallowed his saliva. Here is the hard part.

"That is also one of the mystery. There was no ambulance from any nearby hospitals that was reported to went for a rescue."

Hiro's eyebrows almost touched each other, "What do you mean?"

"I mean boss, all the ambulance within the vicinity were accounted for. And not one of them reported to leave their posts during the accident."

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