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   Chapter 23 His wife is missing

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Angie re-arranged her clothes, and looked at Hiro who already put his pants up. As she finished with herself, she cast him a cold glance. What a cruel husband! She shuddered thinking at how brutal he could be, having his wife witness that.

"I will go now, you don't have to send me back."

Hiro nodded. He heard her alright, but his mind was inside the room. He did not look back to her as he entered the next room. He lay down on his bed, put his arms behind his neck, pondering on what he just did.

You are supposed to be hating her, not pitying her!

Her tear-streaked face tugged at his heart, her screams still ricocheted on his mind as she pleaded for them to stop. She reacted like she can't bear the sight of another woman having sex with him.

Now, did he just got even with her?


She really did have sex with another man, as proven by the child. But he never did, he did not even had a hard-on with Angie earlier.

He turned to his side, he does not feel happy about what he just did. Maybe he went too far, just like Kaname was pointing out earlier. Now, he feels guilty.

Because of that, Hiro did not have the heart to face Ivy. He asked one of the staff, Lira, to bring food to Ivy that morning. As he was eating his breakfast, he asked the elder woman about Ivy's condition. The lady has a sad look on her face, and replied, "The lady did not touch the food, Sir. She was just sitting on the bed."

Hiro ordered Lira to untie Ivy's hands last night. But according to her, this morning, she was still on the same spot.

Hiro finished his meal and told her to prepare a warm lunch for Ivy. He ordered her not to let her get out, and call him immediately is she ever tried to do something.

Although Hiro kept all sharp things away from her since he kept her locked on that room, he had to make sure that she won't have anything to hurt herself with. She can't hurt herself! He has to be the one to hurt her!

He went to work, and concentrated on his job in order to forget her pitiful face from last night. He went back that night earlier than usual, and Lira reported that Ivy ate the lunch that she cooked, but did not touch the dinner again.

He wanted to check on her, but he did not trust himself to see her yet. Again, that night passed silently. That routine went on for a few days, until Hiro's anger started to dissipate gradually. He looked at his phone, staring at how lovely their picture was taken in the Eiffel Tower. His eyes moistened.

His phone rang, and he answered it right away after he cleared his throat.

"Father, "

"Let me

ro cursed, Yano put the phone farther from his ear, as he cast a sorry look at his wife.

He listened attentively to Hiro's orders, his face showing surprise and pity. After about 2 minutes, Hiro hang up. Yano put his phone back on the bedside table, and returned to his wife's warm embrace. He would have a hell lot of work ahead, he has to energize himself.

That night, Hiro did not return home. He spent the night in his private room, thinking where could Ivy go, and how could she just go?

Didn't she always tell him that she loves him? Is this how she show her love for him? By leaving him?

She could not leave me.

Before he realized it, he was finally asleep.

He woke up the next day early, bolted out from the bed, and went back home.

He entered her room. Even her scent is gone.

How long has she been gone?

How stupid of him not to notice it?

He opened the closet, her clothes are still there. All her things are still in the room. Even her shoes and slippers, her bags are still intact.

Would she go away without even taking one single belonging? Or she purposely left them since I bought all of it?

She does not want anything to do with me anymore?

He opened her drawers and rummaged through her things. Her passport, her wallet that contains all her IDs, even her phone, are all intact in the drawer.

Something is beginning to gnaw at Hiro's heart. Why would she leave all her important things here? She would at least need money to go somewhere, to eat something. And she would need her IDs, especially here in Japan.

Something is wrong, he thought.

He noticed that among all her things, the only one that is missing is her seal. Why would she only take her seal with her?

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