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   Chapter 22 Her heart shattered

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It has been two weeks. Ivy looked at her pale face in the mirror, she smiled bitterly at the bruises and marks on her body. Some were new, some were days ago. Hiro kept one of her feet tied to the bedpost with a long rope, just enough so that she can go to the bathroom and toilet by herself. Like now, she has to clean herself as Hiro might come tonight and kiss her.

She laughed in a desperate manner, even when Hiro was like a different person now, she still responds to his touch the way she did before. He is her husband after all.

At night, he would tie both of her hands on the bed post and take her without any preparation, forcefully and roughly. She would always bit her lower lip in pain, unwilling to cry. After he released himself, he would untie her hands and will leave her alone.

Hiro was the one who always bring her food, as he did not allow anyone to enter the room except himself. Before he goes out in the morning, he will leave her lunch on the table, and she will have to eat it later already cold.

He never let her out of the room. After he use her, he will go back to his own room. He will only go to her when he feels the need to take her, if not, she will not see him at all. Every time she wants to talk to him, he will silence her with a hard kiss that sometimes make her lips bleed. He never took her gently, always rough and hard that marks and bruises would be left on her skin afterwards. The whole time he was riding on top of her, he would always swear at her, calling her bitch and liar. He would always ask her how did her lover took her. During those times, she would just stay silent, until he released himself and leave her again. After he closed the room and locked it from the outside, that would be the only time she will cry.

Even so, Ivy never stopped loving him. She feels that once he calmed down and be willing to listen to her, he would eventually believe her.

In a bar, Hiro received a call from Yukio, asking him about Ivy.

"She is fine, father, " he replied, drinking his favorite whiskey with Kaname and Yousuke. The two were silently listening on him.

"Then let me talk to her."

"I am not at the house now, still in the office." His curt reply, "I will let her talk to you later."

As Yukio hang up, Hiro shrugged his shoulders. He gulped down on his drink again. Kaname cleared his throat, "Hiro, you are hurting yourself."

Hiro broke the glass when he put it down too hard on the table. The shards made him bled. Yousuke looked at him patiently, and asked the staff for the first aid kit.

Kaname shook his head, "See? I told you so."

"I trusted her, man" Hiro said, as he looked at his bleeding hand. He was oblivious to the pain, as he watched the blood drip to his jeans.

"Then why didn't you listen to her explanations?"

"Damn it! Put yourself in my shoes, Kaname. The child that you think is yours is not yours. If that happened before I married her, I would have accepted that. But that child was made 3 months after we got married, man. Just three months! Would you imagine that? She was that unsatisfied with me tha

red at her.

As she looked at him blankly, he became more furious. How could she look at him with such innocence?

He laughed mockingly, and walked towards Angie.

Angie recognized her cue. She began to strip herself, keeping her seductive look on Hiro. Ivy's eyes widened at the realization of what she was about to witness.

"Hiro, please don't, " she pleaded, her voice shaking.

Hiro stared at her with contempt written all over his face, never breaking his gaze at her. Angie was on her underwear, as she began to undress Hiro.

"Hiro please!"

His shirt was thrown on the floor. Angie seductively touched his bare chest, pouting her lips. She tiptoed and kissed him.

Hiro was slightly facing Ivy, for he wants to see her reaction. She could perfectly see how their mouths joined. Sure enough, tears kept on falling from her eyes non-stop.

"Hiro! Hiro please don't do this to me! Please stop, please!" she kept on pleading to him, but he turned a deaf ear on her pleas.

Ivy wanted to pull the woman away from him and throw her out on the street. How could they humiliate her like this? Making out in front of her? She never did anything wrong to him!

Hiro wanted to puke, but he kept a straight face. He has to hurt her!

As Angie moved down to his chest, Ivy began to wrestle herself free, but the rope was too tight. Her wrists began to be bruised. Her eyes widened as if about to left their sockets as the woman unbuckled his belt, put his pants down.

"No! No! Stop it! Please stop!"

As the woman knelt in front of Hiro, Ivy closed her eyes. She wanted to cover her ears as she heard him moaning. She screamed. She kept on screaming for them to stop. She felt like she would go crazy. She kept on screaming with closed eyes, tears kept on streaming down her face.

As Hiro saw her closed her eyes, he stopped Angie. But he kept her knelt down, and he made some noises for Ivy to hear.

His heart twisted at her reaction. He wanted to embrace her. Before he could not control himself, he dragged Angie outside and locked Ivy's room.

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