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   Chapter 21 You make me sick

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Shin was playing on the ground when Hiro arrived. At the sight of his father, he excitedly ran towards him, leaving his toys behind.

Hiro saw the child, and he clenched his fists. As the child approached him, he took Shin's small hands and pulled him hard with him. The little child felt the pain in his arm, but he did not even whimper nor made any sound, for he was so scared at the expression on his father's eyes.

Ivy, Yukio and Mita were happily chatting on the balcony when Hiro approached them. Ivy was the first one to react when she saw how Hiro was handling Shin.

"Hiro!" in a surprised voice, she looked at him, "what are you doing? You were hurting Shin!" she walked towards them fast and pulled Shin away from him. Shin was suppressing himself from crying. His small lips pursed from doing so, looking at his angry father, not understanding what's going on.

Hiro's attention was not on Yukio nor Mita, he did not care about anybody at that time. His eyes was burning with rage as he looked at Ivy from head to toe.

Ivy inched backwards at the scary expression in Hiro's face. He does not look drunk, his eyes were so bright, with fury. His fist was clenched tightly at his side, and the other hand was holding a piece of paper.

"You scheming liar!" his loud voice was like a thunder, as he threw the paper in front of Ivy.

Yukio and Mita was surprised at Hiro's words, much more to his expression of anger. It was the first time for them to see Hiro as angry as this, like a volcano that will explode in any moment.

Ivy's eyes was full of confusion as she looked at Hiro.

What is he talking about?

As she bent down to pick up the paper that he threw at her, she read it carefully. She knows that Hiro is angry, but she was calm because she knows that she did not do anything wrong.

Her eyes widened as she saw what the paper was saying. It's a paternity test! Hiro ordered a paternity test for Shin without her knowing about it?

She was surprised when Hiro suddenly get a hold of her, pushing her close to him hard.


As Yukio saw what he was doing, he stepped in the middle and pulled his daughter behind her. He could be old, but he won't stand by idly seeing his daughter being bullied like this.

"Don't you dare try hurt my daughter in front of me, Hiro." Yukio warned.

Hiro looked straight at Yukio, but his anger got the better of him. His eyes and mind are blinded by rage from Ivy's betrayal.

"Father, I respect you. But please, don't intervene with the matter between my wife and me." His voice was so cold that Mita just shivered, she suppressed her tears. She touched Yukio's shoulder gently.

"Yukio, let's go, "

"No Mita"

"Father, " Ivy spoken softly from behind. She has now grasped the situation.

felt embarrassed at herself on this position. But she was worried more about what Hiro thinks about her, she tried to plead to him again.

"Hiro please, you have to listen to me. I love you!"

A flicker of emotion clouded his eyes, but his anger returned in an instant. He strode towards her, pinched her chin.

"You lying bitch! Don't you ever, ever say those words to me again. You make me sick." His words were life knives on her heart, it made her bleed internally.

She can't help but cry, her eyes already blinded by tears as she cannot wipe them away. Hiro wiped her tears away, so she can look at him in the eye. Her eyes plead for his understanding, his eyes shoot arrows at her being.

"From now on, you will not get out of this house. You will only wait for me to come to you, as you owe me your heart, your body, and your soul. You will pleasure me until I get tired of you." He said all the words slowly and deliberately, each word filled with vile meaning. It made her choke on her own tears, as she gradually accepted her fate.

Looking at her through angry eyes, he tore her blouse suddenly which made her scream in surprise, revealing her bra. He licked his lips spitefully.

"Tell me, was your lover better than me?" he asked, venom shooting from his eyes.

Ivy closed her eyes.

Not waiting for an answer, he ripped the skirt she was wearing, exposing her only in her underwear. As her body was exposed to his eyes, he felt the familiar tingling of desire. He cursed.

How could he want this cheater?

"Hiro, " she called his name softly, she could not believe that he has no feelings for her anymore.

"Yes bitch?"

She bit her lips. She is not a bitch! She wanted to scream at him. As he unbuckled his belt, Ivy closed her eyes again.

Let him release his anger for now, maybe he will listen to me after this.

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