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   Chapter 20 Blood type

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"Hiro, how come I don't see other customers?" her curiosity got the better of her and she finally asked, while they were dining.

"This restaurant is run by that couple, Ivy. The husband is the chef and the wife is the cashier and usherette. This restaurant only accepts a maximum of 5 customers per night."

Ivy almost choked on her food.

"Five? How could they earn with such a few customers?" she could not believe her ears. Why have a restaurant that only caters to a very few customers exist? Doesn't look like a restaurant, right?

Hiro continued eating, then as he dabbed a tissue on his mouth, he gave her an amused look.

"They only have 5 rooms in here, so if those 5 customers would like to eat by themselves then they can do so. And believe me, this restaurant makes more than you think they could."

She nodded, not quite believing what he just said, and continued eating. The food was really delicious, and as expected, it has superb presentation. Even the cutlery that were used were so elegant that Ivy could not help but take pictures of them.

The room itself was cozy and elegant, and very private. It can be a suitable place for meditation.

On the other room of the same restaurant, 2 people were also dining together, each have their own agenda. Yano was on the other room, as well, by himself.

They spent an hour in there, and Ivy was so full that she was massaging her abdomen as Hiro helped her stood up. As they went to pay for the food, Ivy was about to take out her wallet when the lady handed them a piece of paper that looks like a receipt. Hiro took it and guided her out.

"Hey Hiro, wait." She said, pulling her hand from him.

"It's alright Ivy, it's on me." He stated simply. There is no way he could let her pay for his food right? He is the man, after all.

"I was supposed to pay for our food tonight." She said, her hands placed firmly on her hips. "Give me the bill, I will reimburse you."

At her outstretched hand and firm expression, he had no choice but to give her the bill. As she looked at it, she blinked several times, thinking that the position of the period was misplaced.

How come that their dinner for one night exceeded her one-month salary on her part time job? Her hands gradually fell to her side.

Hiro was suppressing his laughter at Ivy's expression. How lovely she could get, he pondered.

At his amused expression, Ivy felt so embarrassed. How dare he take her to this exorbitantly-priced restaurant! He must be trying to bully me again. Well, I won't give up that easily.

She looked at him with a sullen face, "I will keep this receipt, and I will reimburse you when my earnings is enough."

His admiration f

father is excluded as the biological father of the child…'

The result was crumpled in his hand. He put both of his hands on his head, then suddenly threw everything on his desk. He looked at the mess in his front, his eyes were murderous. He stood up, and trashed everything in his office.

In their house, Ivy was brushing her hair when she heard some sound in the living room. She smiled when she went down the stairs and saw Yukio and Mita, her father was holding Shin on his arm.

"Father, Mother, " she greeted them respectfully.

She asked one of the staff to bring them some tea and snacks as she guided the two elders in the balcony. The weather is a bit cooler now, as it is almost autumn.

Yano was so surprised when he saw the mess in Hiro's room. Aside from the usual destroyed tv set and liquor bar, even the racks that contain so many books was destroyed. The sofa was also turned upside down near the wall. It looked like some strong men fought hard inside. He shook his head, wondering what made the boss so angry this time. When he received his call ordering him to clean the mess, he did not expect it to be like this. Hiro went out by himself, holding a piece of paper in one hand.

In the car, Hiro was like a madman. He kept on shouting in his car, honking wildly at some slower cars in front of him. He was almost blinded by tears of frustration and anger that his eyes were red.

How could you do this to me, Ivy!

As Yano was cleaning the mess, he saw the envelope that Hiro received earlier. It came from a DNA testing company. He had a vague idea about what is going on. He called Kaname and Yousuke. Nobody but them could calm his boss, especially now that the other side seems to be his wife. No wonder why he felt that Hiro was breathing fire like a dragon.

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