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   Chapter 19 I will treat you on a date

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They were eating silently at first, until Ivy mentioned to him about some of the part time jobs that she was considering on applying into. She showed the City Work to Hiro where she marked those which caught her interests.

As Hiro scanned the qualifications and benefits, he found that his wife is over qualified to all of it. He felt proud of her, of course. He married a smart and educated lady. A lady in every aspect.

He cleared his throat and asked her carefully, "Ivy, if you really want a part time job, why don't you just help me in the office as my secretary? You can handle all my business appointments. In that way, I can also take you with me on all my meetings and travels."

Ivy was afraid that he would make such an offer to her. Of course, she would like to be with him all the time. But she knows better than to be so clingy. She trust in him completely, that's it. Besides, she has her own identity. She does not want to be fully dependent on him and let her own ability go to waste.

"I'd like that Hiro, but I don't want to be a clingy wife to you. We might not be so comfortable working together in the same office, with you as my boss." She added, "if possible, I'd like to put my ability to some use."

He contemplated on her answer. Deep within, he is both satisfied and disappointed. Satisfied that Ivy has a mind of her own, capable of making her own decisions. Disappointed that she does not seem to worry about him, always surrounded with different ladies, conniving women in most of his business meetings and travels.

Well, he had been doing a great job pushing those women away. It was not actually a problem. As he was about to speak, they saw Shin running down the stairs.

"Mom! Dad!"

Ivy's eye softened at the sound of his voice, while Hiro stopped eating for a while, and turned his face to Shin. His eyes was clouded as he thought to himself, he is growing bigger every day, and his face is becoming more and more apart from his and Ivy's.

He shook his head, you fool! He could have taken after Mita or Yukio's ancestors. You have not been able to find a single solid proof that Ivy has cheated on you, right?

Ok, ok. Don't ruin your own family, Hiro. He scolded himself. You are being an asshole!

Shin hugged his mom excitedly, and after a while he turned timidly to his father. Hiro felt guilty, for he knew better than anyone how coldly he has been treating Shin. His face put on a warm smile, and motioned to the child.

"Come to father now, Shin." He said. With that, Shin's face cheered up, and he hugged his f

g at her playfully. She entered the passenger's seat without waiting for him to open the door for her, and it made him frown. He went to the driver's door.

He put on his seatbelt and leaned on her casually, "Ivy, next time please wait for me to open the door for you, ok?"

She giggled, "Sure, Mr. gentleman."

He cast him a warning look that made her laugh all the more, and he drove away. Yano was trailing behind in a respectable distance.

"Where to?"

"You're the boss, " she said

"But you're the one will treat me, right?"

"Yes but, I am not familiar with the restaurants here, so…"

He nodded, pondering where to go. He decided to go to a seafood restaurant by the bay a bit far from the main city. He has never taken Ivy there and he knows how much she likes seafood.

He made a phone call, "It's me, we will dine there tonight. Only the two of us. Thanks."

Ivy was enjoying the night view of Tokyo, with all the lights from the vehicles and skyscrapers, it really is a busy place. However, she does not like it when she had to take the train because it is always full, and it is so seldom that she would get the chance to sit down.

She did not realize that it took them more than an hour to arrive at the restaurant that he chose. But it was worth it.

Ivy thought that it was a private ship when they entered the place, but it was actually a very exclusive restaurant. She noticed that there is not much staff nor customers in the place. They were guided to a room by an elderly woman who was very friendly and looks sophisticated, wearing an all-black attire.

This looks expensive, Ivy thought.

However, she just received her salary, so it must be enough for their dinner.

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