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   Chapter 18 His anxiety

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Several months passed, Hiro never mentioned to Ivy about the pictures sent to him anonymously. Yano failed to find the man on the pictures as well. It led them to a dead end. In his mind, Hiro believes that Ivy will never cheat on him, and he decided to trust her. Besides, no matter how many times he tried to follow Ivy whenever she went by herself for some errands, he never saw something that merited doubting her. He later gave in and pushed the matter about the pictures on the back of his head. More company issues are pressing on them recently, and he has to focus on them.

Shin is almost 1 year old. His first word was 'mama', at 6 months old, to Hiro's disappointment. He thought that 'papa' is easier to pronounce and since his child is a boy, he should have called him first than his mother. But the look of happiness on her face when she was telling it to him made his disappointment disappeared.

At 11 months old, he started walking. They celebrated his first birthday in the Philippines, so that grandmother Melda could finally take a look at her first great grandson. The old lady was weeping in joy. They also celebrated the second part of his birthday in Tokyo, inviting some close friends and relatives. It was even on the news, as the son of CEO Hiro Yamamoto, he became an instant celebrity.

But Ivy did not want the attention of the media, so she asked Hiro not to let any media-related matters disrupt their privacy. As Shin gets older, Hiro noticed that the child has no resemblance whatsoever to him, or to Ivy. He looks like a pure-bloodied Japanese.

As Hiro continued to silently but intently observe the child, he started to feel reluctant to be near him. He did carry him on several occasion when he was an infant, but his busy schedule did not allow him to do it often. Nevertheless, sometimes he finds himself wondering why he does not feel so drawn to his own son.

Another year passed by so fast, Hiro already forgot the matter with the pictures. On Shin's 2nd year birthday, Yukio said something on the party that warranted his thoughts.

"It would be happier if you two could have a daughter."

Ivy blushed at her father's words, while Hiro was engrossed in his own thoughts. He has been thinking about it too much also, recently. When Ivy got pregnant, he stopped visiting the fertility clinic he went to before. But since Shin turned 1 year old, Hiro has been trying to make Ivy pregnant, to no avail. He would be disappointed every time her period came, but of course he never showed it to her. That night, he decided to make an appointment to the fertility doctor again.

On their bed, Hiro went to the balcony after making sure that Ivy was already sleeping. They just finished a wonderful time in bed, and he smiled to himself thinking how Ivy was able to satisfy him. She has indeed learned from him, and he was proud of it.

But a b

now, Ivy, " he murmured softly, the warmth on his breath sending hot shivers on her being. She finally gave in to his touch, not wanting to deny him his needs. Afterwards, Hiro laid down on his back, and within minutes, he was sleeping soundly.

Ivy spent a few minutes laying down on his side, wondering about what has just happened. She feels that something is bothering Hiro, but he might not want to worry her which is the reason he was acting different lately.

She noticed how distant Hiro has been behaving against Shin, but she never mentioned it to him. In her mind, she reasoned out that he has so many things on his plate already. She decided to ask him about it later on. After a while, she hugged him and fell asleep in his arms. He turned towards her as he felt her, and embraced her tightly.

It was around six in the evening when Hiro opened his eyes. His hands moved and felt just the blanket. He turned and saw that he was alone in the bed. He sat up, remembering why he was in bed. On that instant, Ivy emerged from the bathroom, she has just finished taking her shower and was wrapped in towel.

She smiled as she met his gaze, and walked towards the dresser to dry her hair. He was following her movements, and she could tell that he was intently observing her every action.

"What's wrong hon?" she turned to him.

He shook his head, then walked towards her. He did not mind his nudity at all.

What an exhibitionist! Ivy thought as she turned her face away from him. She focused on drying her hair. He hugged her from behind, smelling her hair. She stopped what she was doing and faced him.

"Why don't you take a bath? Then let's dine together, shall we?"

Ivy was gentle, whatever reason is bothering Hiro right now, she should not add up to his worries by nagging him, she decided. He has an apologetic look on his face as he kissed her on the forehead, then went inside the bathroom.

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