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   Chapter 17 Give her the benefit of the doubt

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Updated: 2018-10-19 18:35

Hiro felt cool, as if somebody is washing him. He felt warm hands on his bare skin, and he forced his eyes open. His eyes met Ivy's worried look, as she dabbed a moist towel on his face, his neck and on his chest. She has unbuttoned his shirt halfway when he woke up.

He smiled as he saw his lovely wife.

"Ivy, " he held her hand, as he looked at her.

"Why did you drink too much tonight Hiro?" her tone has a mixture of disappointment and worry on it.

Since they got married, Hiro never went home drunk. She knows that he likes wine, but just one glass before bed time was enough to warm him up. Never did she saw him in this condition, that he almost could not get up on his own two feet.

She had a difficult time dragging him to the bed. She took off his socks, his suit and necktie, and is now trying to make the smell of alcohol lighten up.

Hiro did not answer her, in his mind he just want to make love to her. He has been a good boy for a few months now. As he smiled at her, and tried to touch her face, she moved away from him. His hands fell on the bed. He tried to get up but could not. Finally, he closed his eyes again, and started breathing heavily.

Ivy shook her head. She arranged him properly on the bed and covered him with the blanket. She then took all his clothes and put them on the laundry basket, until his phone fell off from one of the pockets. As she took it, she touched the home button, but it was asking for a passcode. It was never Ivy's style to be privy of her husband's personal belongings, especially his phone. She smiled when she saw that his screen saver was their picture together in the Eiffel Tower. It feels nostalgic.

She then put the phone on the table, dressed him with his sleepwear and turned off the lights in their room. She went beside him to the bed, hugging him close as she also fell into slumber.

Hiro woke up with a headache, he sat on the bed, and gently massaged his aching head. He still remembered that he went home, as Kaname was the one who drove him home. He was able to go inside by himself and he went to their bed. After that, he remembered nothing.

He looked at himself, and found that he was on sleepwear. Ivy must have took care of me last night, he thought. He shook his head, damn alcohol!

He has been quite tolerant to alcohol, but abstaining from it for almost a year, then suddenly drinking heavily, gave him a strong hang-over. He went to the bathroom and took a warm shower. When

se looks can be deceiving. They could be wearing the best clothes, but their wallets could be empty. Makes sense, right?

Unexpectedly, Hiro was also enjoying going around with Ivy. It has been a long time since he went with her alone. He became so busy dealing with different matters at the company. In his mind, he has to secure a good life for his growing family.

As he saw her leaning over some plant boxes trying to decide which one to buy, he was reminded of their date at the Rose Garden. How come he had never taken her out again after she got pregnant? He became too over protective with her condition and the baby. But never once did Ivy complained to him.

His expression soften as he looked at her. There is no doubt that she loves him, and God, he loves her with all of his being.

He decided to give her the benefit of the doubt. He will not think about what those pictures were trying to tell him, until Yano found who the man is and questioned him properly. He will not allow such kind of modus operandi to destroy his family, his marriage.

Whoever sent those pictures to me must be someone who wants to break my family, he thought. He will not let anybody have her, ever.

They paid for some flower pots, rock decors and other small clay figurines that Ivy selected. After that, he took her to a nearby park, and because it's a weekday, not many visitors were there.

Yano was following them from afar, as always carefully doing his job.

However, somebody was also following Yano, and the couple, from afar. The man's expression was that of an ordinary person walking around and enjoying the scenery. An expert, indeed.

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