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   Chapter 16 A brewing storm

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On her first trimester, Ivy still went back to school to finish all her experiments as well as other academic subjects. Hiro allowed her to stay on her apartment, but he kept her protected at all times, unknown to her. During those months, she never travelled far and on air. Hiro always go home, later than his usual arrival. When he arrives, she is already sleeping. He will just kiss her lightly on the forehead, hugged her, whispered goodnight and sleep. When she wakes up in the morning, he is already gone, but a warm breakfast is already waiting for her. They always managed to have a good quality time on weekends anyway.

As the months passed, she realized that she never had any difficulty in the first three months, and she was thankful for it. Another 3 months passed and her belly was really showing off. It was winter time, according to her doctor, she will give birth on May, a month after her 25th birthday.

It was her 7th month pregnancy when she graduated on her master's degree, with Hiro and Andrea with her on the awarding ceremony. She was full of joy. Andrea stayed in her apartment for 1 week, then went back home.

After that, Ivy and Hiro moved to their new house. Ivy was able to finish choosing all the furniture and she let an interior designer finish the rest. The designer they contracted was a distant relative of Yousuke, and she really worked great.

The two-month wait for the arrival of their baby boy, as the ultrasound detected earlier, made Ivy and everyone in the family anxious. They were discussing too often if the baby will look like Hiro or Ivy. She spent her days knitting for baby's stuff, as Hiro did not allow her to go out anymore on her 8th month. Although she has never experienced any problems on her pregnancy, Hiro was over protective of her, to the point that he won't allow her to stand on her own if he was there.

Finally, her water broke 10 days earlier than the appointed delivery date. Hiro was in a meeting, but she managed to call him amidst the pain. "Hiro, he is coming out."

Hiro left the meeting in a hurry, in everyone's surprise. It was an important meeting, but nobody dared to stop him. Kaname took over the meeting, and later went over to the hospital as he received a message from Kaname that Ivy is on labor.

Four hours later, the doctor came out. Hiro was at his feet in an instant, a worried look on his face.

The doctor smiled at him and tapped his shoulder firmly.

"It's a healthy baby boy, and your wife was really brave. She had a normal delivery."

Everyone in the family, including Kaname and Yano were finally able to breathe freely. Hiro handled all the procedure about registering the baby. He and Ivy has long decided on his name, Shin Yamamoto, which means 'truth' in Japanese.

Ivy was able to see the baby after a few hours, and she looked lovingly at her son. She could not imagine the pain that she was able to endure just to give birth to him n

in the bar. "On the rocks, " he specified.

"Nonsense, " Hiro said, he looked at his watch. It's only 5:30PM. "I am just here to relax, "

Kaname cast him a look that says he does not believe a word he said, "You don't fool us Hiro."

They started drinking, and started talking about their days in the university. Even though they are buddies, and went a long way, they don't intervene with each other's personal problem, unless the one with the problem asked for help. That is why, they could not ask Hiro directly what is wrong with him. He would eventually tell it to them if he really need their help. For now, they can only be with him as his drinking partners.

At seven o'clock in the evening, Ivy kept on glancing at the wall clock. Hiro has been coming home earlier in recent days, so they were always able to eat dinner together. She took out her phone and texted him, but after a few minutes that she has not received a reply, she decided to eat alone.

Maybe he is in a meeting, she thought.

At around 9:00PM, Ivy has finished putting Shin into sleep, and also went to their own room to take a warm bath. Since she gave birth, Andrea told her not to take a full bath until Shin has turned 1 month. He just turned 1 month yesterday where they had a big celebration. Tonight, she can finally indulge in a longer and relaxing bath. She spent almost an hour on the tub, and as she looked at the time, it was almost 10PM. She frowned as she realized that Hiro has not arrived yet, and he has not even answered her message.

He is that busy? She wondered about him as she was drying her hair. In that instant, their bedroom door opened. She was surprised at the state he was in.

Hiro stumbled to the bed. He sat on the sofa, kicked his shoes off and dozed off. Ivy did not know what to do. She walked towards him, must be a party with his business partners, she thought.

He cannot sleep here, or else he will wake up with a stiff neck tomorrow.

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