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   Chapter 14 Don’t honey me

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The next day, they flew together to Tokyo. Hiro called her professor for her, and the professor was a kind man who gave his permission about her taking a leave for a few days.

During the flight, Hiro was wondering whether he should take her to the fertility clinic he was consulting at for the past months or to a different one. On realizing that the doctor there is a male, he decided to take her to a female specialist. He does not want another man looking at his belonging, much more touching her. His fists clenched at the thought.

He texted one of his secretaries to find a female doctor in that field and as they arrived at the helipad on top of his office' building, Yano was already waiting there.

"Long time no see, Mr. Yano, " Ivy greeted him with a smile.

Yano was about to smile back when he felt a cold rush on his spine, and he did not dare look back at his boss, he kept a blank expression and bowed at his lady boss.

Ivy got used to him not talking too much to her, but he could have at least returned her smile. She felt disappointed.

As they walked to his office, she touched Hiro's arm.

"I notice that Mr. Yano has been more distant to me than before, what's wrong?"

Hiro looked at her impatiently, as they were nearing the elevator, he pushed the button to open it, and pressed the 49th floor. The helipad was on the 53rd floor. When he saw Yano about to come in, he pushed the close button, hard.

Yano was left there, his mouth open. As he realized what his boss just did, he shook his head unbelievably. He should act like a wind today, as long as the lady boss is present, he thought. Otherwise, Hiro might even kick him out of the building.

"Hey Hiro, that was Mr. Yano, " Ivy was so surprised at his action. She saw the poor assistant's shocked face as the elevator door closed when he was just a few steps away from them.

Hiro looked at her sharply, his cold gaze made her backed away a little. But she did not do anything wrong, so she met his gaze.

He turned his face on the other side.


"You think too much, Ivy, " his curt reply. She was silenced with his cold voice, and she felt angry at him. How could he use that kind of voice to her?

"Ok, fine, " she crossed her arms on her chest, and pretended not to be with him. He just glanced at her from the side of his eyes, watching her pouting, her lips moving but no words came out.

The elevator opened, and as he placed his hand on her back for support, she walked fast ahead of him. The two secretaries stood up as they saw them, and Yano appeared suddenly, sweat on his forehead, and stood on alert.

They all bowed to them, Ivy smiled at them, then kept her face straight and waited in front of Hiro's office, he


"How do you even know if it's going to be a boy?" she asked.

"Gut feel, "

He focused on the mirrors, before driving away. After about 20 minutes, Ivy noticed that the road they are taking is not the way back to the office.

"Hiro, where are we going?"

"To our house."

She opened her mouth to speak, but she forgot what to ask. She shook her head, cannot believe how unpredictable he could get.

"It's still in the middle of the day, don't you have work to do?"

"I have a more pressing matter over here." He said in a serious tone.

As she turned her face to him, he held one of her hands and placed on his lap, and she instantly understood what he meant as she saw the proof of the 'pressing' matter. Hiro pulled over in an area where cars very seldom pass through, he turned on the hazard lights and adjusted their seats. In the middle of the day, on the road, they urgently addressed the pressing matter he was talking about.

After another 30 minutes, they entered a gate that opened by itself. Hiro parked the car and went over to her side to open the door. Ivy was in a state of confusion.

How come we are stopping by on other people's houses? Maybe his acquaintance that he wants to introduce to me?

No matter how she looks at it, the house is brand new. Even the landscape looks new and very refreshing. There is a small pond on the middle of a spacious Japanese garden, lots of bonsai plants and rock decors, as well as different variety of shrubs.

On the right side is the parking area that could fit about 5 cars, and the house itself is huge. It has 2 floors, and painted in light beige from the outside. As they got near the entrance, Hiro took something out from his pocket, held one of her hand, and placed a cold thing there.

She gasped as she opened her palm. It's a key.

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