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   Chapter 13 Prepare your gift well

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Updated: 2018-10-18 19:36

Exactly 10 days after she missed her period, Ivy bought a pregnancy test kit and she almost jumped on the bathroom after it showed two strips, indicating a positive result.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" she was shouting excitedly in her apartment.

It was the last day of August, more than a month after Hiro's birthday. Next week will be their 4th month as a married couple. And now, she is pregnant. It would be a very fitting and good present for him.

Wait, she has to make sure. She has been anxious last week when her period did not come, but she never experienced any cravings or morning sickness too, as what she usually heard about the early signs of pregnancy. She looked at some cards on her wallet, and found the fertility doctor recommended by one of her labmates. She dialed the number and asked for a blood test to confirm her pregnancy.

She has to keep her excitement to herself for now, for she does not want to give a false alarm by announcing it too soon. She can't imagine how happy will Hiro be, and her mother and grandma, and her father. She became all the more excited as she drove towards the clinic.

She waited for almost an hour when the results came. The female obstetrician-gynecologist showed her an ultrasound report, singleton, 6 weeks. She put the ultrasound report and went back to her apartment, her smile never left her lips.

She was in good spirits as she cooked dinner. Hiro is supposed to arrive around 9:00 PM, and she has been debating with herself whether she should wait for Hiro to come before she tell him the good news or she can call him now. As much as she was so excited to tell him that he is going to be a father, she wants to see his reaction personally. Nevertheless, she took a picture of the ultrasound and saved it on her phone, along with the pregnancy test kit this morning. She decided to wait.

She even bought a small cake for the celebration of this wonderful news, and have the cake house decorates the cake with a special message, "Congratulations! You are now a father!"

She is sure that if Yukio learned about this, he would throw a party for them. She smiled, gently touching her belly. She then realized that it should be ok to tell her mother about this. So she sent the two pictures to Andrea, and just after a minute, her mother is on video call.

She answered happily, "Mom, "

"Ivy! Is this yours? You are finally pregnant?" Andrea's voice became high-pitched with excitement, too. As Ivy said yes, they were like laughing merrily. She also heard Andy's and her grandma's happy outburst.

After some happy moments, they ended the call. Ivy looked at the wall clock, it is 5 minutes past 9:00PM. She frowned, as Hiro was very seldom late. She decided to call him

uch for you, see?"

Hiro stood up, and nodded. He then took out his phone from his pocket.

"It's me, you will be a godfather soon. Prepare your gift well."

Then he dialed another number, and repeated the same words. He then dialed again, "Father, " he looked at Ivy, and she knew that it was Yukio, "you are going to be a grandfather soon."

Ivy was beyond happy. She could feel in his voice how proud and pleased he is right now, and she was ecstatic. Her delight is such since Hiro has been in a very jovial mood.

They ate the cake after taking a picture of it, with Hiro in the background of the cake. That night, he washed all the dishes. He even made her drink warm milk before going to bed.

As they lay on the bed, their fingers intertwined.

"How come you never showed any signs of being pregnant?" Hiro suddenly asked.

He heared stories that when a woman becomes pregnant, she would vomit every day, and will be overly sensitive about small things. But Ivy had no such signs.

"I don't know, maybe it's too early to have those, you know." She said.

"I wonder about one thing, though" Hiro said after a while, "What?"

"Is it ok to have sex even when you are pregnant?"

Ivy blushed at his straightforward question. Actually, she was also thinking about that, and she was googling it earlier.

"I am not sure, the internet said we should try to refrain for the first three months. Some said it's ok, so I don't really know."

He inhaled deeply, "Then, we should ask a doctor tomorrow."

"But you have work tomorrow, " she reminded him.

"This is crucial Ivy, " his voice was dead serious. "I am so happy about you becoming pregnant with our child, but-"

"But?" she looked at him, "I do mind if I can't make love with you that long. Imagine, 9 months. How in hell should I survive?"

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