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   Chapter 12 Are you indulging me

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It has been three months after they got married. Hiro's birthday is almost coming, and he will be 34. But something has been bothering him for the past recent weeks.

He put down his pen, his eyebrows almost joined. Yano felt that the room was too warm, for he began to sweat. He does not like it when his boss is silently looking at the wall. It means that something or somebody has to be dealt with soon.

"Yano, "


"How long before your wife got pregnant?"

Yano almost choked on his own saliva. But as a trained assistant, his face was blank. He was surprised by the sudden personal question, but he did not show it on his face.

"After marriage, boss?"

"Yes, "

"She was pregnant when we got married."

Hiro's cold looked made him sweat more. He felt like his answer was that of an idiot.

"Err, she became pregnant as soon as we did it boss." He said.

Then, why he has not yet made Ivy pregnant? Is there something wrong with him? He has been trying hard all those months. He made sure that the only time he let her rest was when she has her period. And Ivy never take any contraceptives. What could be wrong?

He stood up all of a sudden. "I will drive, don't follow me." He said and went out of the office.

He ended up in a fertility clinic. After waiting for an hour and a half from the result, he went out of the clinic a bit frustrated.

"You have a low sperm count, it needs to be improved." The doctor said.

So, he has a problem. But the doctor said that he was not impotent, as he was dreading to hear earlier. He just have to stop drinking alcohol for now, and eat more healthy food. The doctor said he could always come back every month for monitoring.

In Kyushu, Ivy was done preparing for the things that she will bring home. After their honeymoon, she had to go back to school. Every night, Hiro will come home to her apartment, and he will fly early in the morning for work. At first, she told him that she can just go there every weekend but he rejected her idea. He said that they need to be together every night, and he only allow her to sleep alone when she is on her period. He still go home to her every other night though. He told her that if she travels a lot, she might get so tired. But this week, she took a leave from school because it is almost his birthday.

Ivy looked at the calendar, today is her ovulation, and after confirming at the ovulation kit, she felt happy that it matched with their meeting. Although he has been making love to her almost every night

began to move on top of him, he closed his eyes in ecstasy. He groaned as she reversed her movement. Ivy was watching Hiro's facial reaction with her half-closed eyes, she has never been as bold as tonight. And for the first time, she found it exciting to watch his reaction as she pleasured him. She should try to experiment more, she thought. If only to satisfy him, too.

As he was about to release himself, he put her on her back at the ground, after putting his shirt on top of the grass. He was just on his undershirt, and he began to thrust in her hard and fast, until he felt himself gave in. Ivy felt him inside her, and she felt herself climaxed at the same time. She shivered against his body, as he collapsed on top of her, but used his elbow so as not to put his full weight on her.

"I love you, " he whispered to her ear.

"Same here, " she replied, touching his face, and kissing his neck gently, careful not to leave a mark there.

They stayed in that position for a couple of minutes before he took out his member from her. He laid down on his back beside her. Ivy rearranged her skirt and blouse, and placed one of her arms on his chest. He then put his one arm under her head as her pillow.

"The sky is so clear tonight." She reckoned.

"Yes, and you were bolder tonight my sweet." He teased her, and she pinched him lightly on his side. "But I like it."

She casted him a sullen look, but she smiled afterwards. They laid there for a long time until they decided to go inside their room. They took a shower together, where he made love to her again, brasher than before, until her lower lip bled from her biting it so hard as not to shout out her pleasure.

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