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   Chapter 11 The Honeymoon

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On the first day of their arrival, they went swimming and diving with the whales. It was a first for Ivy, and she was like literally in awe as the whales were so used to being with humans. At first she was hesitant to even get near them, but seeing Hiro blending with them safely, she gradually got closer and her opinion has changed. They are not scary creatures after all. She enjoyed every bit of that experience, not minding the soreness of her legs. Hiro was at her side the whole time anyway, since he is an experienced diver and swimmer.

That night, she was so exhausted and no matter how many times Hiro tried to wake her up, her body did not respond at all. She woke up early the next morning and saw him at the edge of the bed, curled like a child. As she tried to hug him, he looked at her with a pained expression in his eyes. Before she can ask him why, he was on top of her.

After they ate breakfast, they went to a bus tour around the country. She was thinking that this country really has so many similarities with hers, and she feels nostalgic. They ate lunch at some restaurants along the street, and they met other Japanese tourists there too. Ivy was so surprised that they were able to go around almost the whole country by bus within the day.

They came back in the afternoon, and the tour guide told them that they had just saw the whole country in their own eyes. She found it odd to have such a small country with big people, even their sweet potatoes, yam, and other agricultural products were bigger in size than what she was used to seeing in the Philippines, and even in Japan. She even took a selfie with a giant yam that reached her chin. Along the way, they stopped by at several tourist attractions which were mostly old structures like churches. They also stopped by at one coffee shop called Café Tropicana, it looks very countryside, warm and friendly, they even served vegetarian light meals and snacks.

Hiro and Ivy were holding their hands as they walked along the shore of Nuku' Alofa. It was late in the afternoon, and they want to watch the sunset together as this is their last night here. Hiro was wearing a casual white polo shirt and khaki shorts with a slipper they bought in the local market, while Ivy was wearing a one piece summer dress, that reached halfway below her knees and a flat soles. Both of them were wearing hats and sunglasses. It was still warm, but the warmth was a bit cool because of the afternoon breeze, and so many trees along the shore.

Not too far from them, Yano was also enjoying the scenery, although his main attention was focused on the couple. He is here as his assistant, anyway, while wishing that he could have taken his wife with him. Hiro was not against Yano bringing his wife but the wife disagreed because their son has to go to a nursery school, and cannot be left alone. So now, he had to bear being alone in this far, romantic paradise.

On the first night, he was only able to watch the local concert from his room upstairs, since the newly-wed spent th

olosseum. They dined on some expensive Italian restaurants and although Ivy was not a fan of pasta, she really did enjoy the delicious meal. At her request, they stopped by for a while at the St. Peter's Basilica just to take photos with him. The did not stay in Rome and immediately flew over to France where they arrived at night, and checked-in at a hotel.

Hiro booked for a 2 nights' stay, and she was really glad that he did. At the hotel, she was looking through all their photos on the camera while lying face down on the bed. Hiro joined her after he made some phone calls. She giggled when she saw that in every place they visited, they always have a photo where Hiro was kissing her on her forehead. It was her idea after all, she brought the tripod with them so they can have that kind of picture. This time, they have to have one in Eiffel Tower, too.

Hiro was standing and leaning on her back, wondering at what made her giggle softly, and he saw the pictures they had. He also smiled, and wondered if he had not met her, would he be able to have this kind of experience?

Suddenly, Ivy felt Hiro on her back, slightly leaning on her. She did not look at him, and continued looking through the camera. Until she felt the hard thing on her back. Hiro lifted her skirt, but he did not turn her around.

"Hon?" she was hesitant, does not know what he was planning to do in that position.

He whispered softly in her ear, "We will have a different position tonight hon, " he said. "I promise, you will like it."

He was not lying. It was a totally different experience for her, and she indeed loved it. They slept together after that.

That morning, they went through most of the tourist's destinations in Paris, took a cruise at the River Seine, and danced together at the Sacre-Coeur. Their night was again spent in each other's arms. The following day, Hiro took her to meet some business partners and introduced her to them as his wife. After some shopping again, they boarded the plane going back to Tokyo.

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