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   Chapter 10 The first sunrise in the world

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They landed after almost 10 hours on the plane non-stop. Ivy was able to change her dress in a simple short sleeve one piece dress that covered her legs fully. She swayed as she stood on her own feet, she could not feel her legs after all. She bit on her lower lip, as she felt the familiar tingling pain on her upper legs, she feels quite sore.

Hiro has a satisfied smile on his lips as he glanced at his woman. He walked towards her and held her firmly on the waist.

"Do you need help, love?" he teased her.

She glanced at him sharply, but she did not withdraw from his arms. She needs it after all.

"This is your fault!"

"Oh?" Hiro slightly bent his head so she could clearly hear him, "Whose fault was it again? I was just proving your assumptions wrong, my sweet, "

"Hmmmp!" she gave him a sullen look.

As they walked down the plane, Ivy was greeted by the warm and windy weather. She could see lots of coconuts. And the ocean! Her skirt was being blown away by the sea breeze, but it felt good to her skin. She could see that the people in this place was not too different physically in her country, except that their body size was bigger.

"Welcome to the paradise on the other side of the earth, honey." Hiro kissed her on the cheek.

"Where is this Hiro?" she said excitedly.


Ivy's weakness is geography. Her face was blank as she think about on which part of the globe they are in right now. She knows that Tonga is one of those small island countries, but she has not been interested to really look for it on the map. She never met any Tongan, anyway.

"Where is this?" she repeated her question.

Hiro laughed at her confused expression. It was Kaname's idea that they come here for the first part of their honeymoon, as Kaname has been here before. He was the one who booked for their hotel, and gave Hiro an idea that there are still many parts of this country that has to be developed into a business. Since English is not a problem, Hiro also thought that it's a good opportunity for him to explore the country.

They arrived at their hotel, where they are supposed to stay for two nights. As they entered the room, Ivy found herself being swept away in her feet by Hiro. She looked at his smiling face.

"This is the part where the groom carries the bride in his arms to their room, " he announced to her, and she giggled happily. "Aww, that's sweet hon, " she teased him.

He put her to bed, and she spread her arms wide and lay down with her eyes closed. Hiro locked the door, and looked at her with a funny expression. 'She looked so tired, but happy' he thought.

He checked the room, and after that, realized t

d from the bathroom, her change of clothes are hanging near the door. 'How considerate of him, ' she thought, and felt like this scene has happened so many times. Why is it that Hiro always wake up before her after their love making? What an insatiable man.

As they sat on the opposite end of the round table, they were chatting heartily while eating. She noticed that most of the dishes were cooked with coconut milk on them. She could smell and taste the sweetness and the freshness of that tropical fruit. She was enjoying sipping the coconut juice when they heard a knock on the door.

Hiro stood up to open the door. After a few moment, Hiro went back to her holding two tickets on his hands.

"What is that for?" she asked curiously.

"It looks like there would be local concert tonight at the back of this hotel, near the ocean. It's free tickets, complements of the hotel."

"It sounds interesting." She said casually.

Hiro threw the tickets on the sofa, "We are not going."

"Why?" she arched her eyebrows, "it's such a waste Hiro, let's go. Did you know that the best things in life are free?"

It was his turn to lift his thick eyebrow, and damn, he looks so sexy!

"I agree with you Ivy, that is why you will get the best thing in life later tonight. You won't have time to go to that concert at all." With that statement, he finished drinking his coffee.

She looked at him, confused. At first, she did not understand what he meant, but judging from the provocative smile that formed on his lips, he must be referring to that 'thing' again, for sure. She shook her head in surrender, what else can she say? If she tries to deny him, he will claim her by all means. It's better to just give in to what he wants, she also take pleasure in it after all.

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